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Review: NIV Kids Visual Study Bible

Explore the Story of the Bible - People, Places and History
Religious - Bible
1952 pages
ages 8 and up

The NIV Kids’ Visual Study Bible, for ages 8–12, brings the Bible to life in four-color illustrated splendor. This study Bible includes a spectacular full-color interior featuring over 700 illustrations, photos, infographics, and maps on every page that visually represent key Bible information. Each page also features important facts located near the relevant verse. Intriguing facts; colorful, engaging maps; photographs; and illustrations make this a Bible they’ll want to explore.

-Over 700 four-color photographs, illustrations, infographics, and maps throughout 
-Full-color design 
-Book introductions, including important facts and an image to orient the reader 
-One-column format with side bar study notes for ease of reading 
-Presentation page 
-The complete text of the New International Version (NIV) translation of the Bible 


Dry and boring are words of the past with this study Bible. With grabbing tidbits, an easy to read lay-out, and tons of other informational goodies, this is a Bible to grab onto and digest to the heart's content.

Study Bibles aren't usually a book which perk kids' interest. Neither is the sight of a nearly 2000 word volume a reason to dance for joy. But this Bible surprises by not talking down to kids or soaring way above their heads. Each book of the Bible starts out with a one page run-down with basic information about the book: who wrote it, what are the key people, what stories, etc. There's also a photo of a modern day view of a place mentioned in the book or something which has to do with a verse in the book. 

The chapters are presented in a single column with a yellowish sidebar along each page. Here, short dabs of helpful information and explanations are presented with reference to the verse. These are much easier to understand than old fashioned footnotes, simple to read and presented in a very understandable way. Colorful and interesting diagrams are also peppered along the sides to visually support some information and provide an easy to understand summary (for example: a diagram to Amos' Visions). There are also small footnotes at the bottom of the text to add extra information and assistance on top of everything else, but these are not the main aide. A table of weights and measures, an index and maps round off the end. And, as a small extra bonus, there's a blue ribbon attached to use as a always ready and simple bookmark.

This is a NIV (New International Version) translation—which, of course, is a matter of opinion to its correctness (as always)—but it is a version children can easily understand and read. The notes along the side help with any terminology stumbling blocks, making it very reader friendly. There is some space for personal notes along the side, but not too much, and the text itself is in a relatively small print — not necessarily 'highlighter' friendly. So more intense fans of scribbling down thoughts and notes will need an extra notebook on the side. But this study Bible isn't necessarily hitting that area hard. This one is about bringing the text to life and helping the reader understand the background behind the verses. And these are tidbits which kids will love and devour. Things passed by in just a word or two in the verses are explained. . .and that in a simple, clear way. (Why tents needed to be bigger, how was a funeral procession conducted, why armies destroyed Moab, etc) Often things, events and objects are assumed to be understood, but this Bible explains the cultural differences, reasons behind certain actions, or what something simply is. 

Summed up, this is a Bible which encourages children to not only learn the verses and meanings but opens up the past. It uses visual means to sum up information, show connections and simple bring the past to life. Even adults will enjoy diving in and are sure to grab up things they didn't know before.

I received a complimentary copy of this one through Booklook Bloggers and was honestly surprised how interesting this Study Bible is. 

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