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Review: Carbon by AJ Eversley with Giveaway

Book Two in the Watcher Series
by AJ Eversley
YA Science Fiction, Dystopian
300 pages
 Tour dates: Sept 4 to 29, 2017

SEPTEMBER 26th, 2017!!1

Sawyer has lost everything. Her family, the man she loves...her humanity. No longer a Watcher, Sawyer must now begin a journey to understand her new identity. Carbon.

With no where left to call home, and no one left to guide her, Sawyer must rely on the help of a stranger to learn who she really is now, and how to use it to her advantage. In a world where nothing is as it seems, and who to trust is a thin line between friend and foe, Sawyer will turn to the stars that have shaped her destiny long before she even knew she had one. And the man who fate has sent her.

Book two in this epic series, Carbon will answer questions you didn't even know you had. And strangers will become the only ones who can help her. Join Sawyer as the journey to save humanity continues.


This is the second book in the series, and it's even better than the first.

Sawyer is in a bad place. She's lost her family, her friends, her home and her humanity. Now, she's underway to a foreign place, has to rediscover who she is as a Carbon, and should save what's left of the human race in the process by destroying the one man nobody seems to be able to destroy.

The author does not readdress any information found in the first book but lets this second book take off where the first one left off. In other words, it is not a stand alone and needs to be read as a series. 

Like the first book, this one never leaves room for a boring moment. The tension and stakes are high, and action awaits around every bend. The world is again easy to sink into and comes to life through sights, smells and sounds. The United Islands is a delightful contrast to the dark scenes, which have followed the story up until this point, and it works well to emphasis the changes Sawyer herself makes in this book.

Sawyer, in the beginning, is still harsh and untouchable. Her thorny attitude makes her hard to completely like and sympathize with, but as the plot unfolds, she gains a softer side, which makes her more enjoyable than before. This character development seemed more natural to me in this book, and made Sawyer more human, although she is no longer human at all.

The plot is filled with twists, layers and unexpected turns, making it a read which is hard to set down. The tension with Kenzie opens the door to all sorts of possibilities and makes it impossible to guess what the outcome of everything is going to be on that end. Another hero scoots onto center stage too, keeping the romance side interesting and uncertain. The evil threat thickens and all sorts of new discoveries make it clear that Sawyer still has quite the battle before it all comes to an end.

Unfortunately, book three isn't out yet, but if it's anything like these first two stories, it's going to be a real treat. 

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And here she is. . .

AJ Eversley is the author of the WATCHER series. A true north Canadian girl, AJ currently lives in Central Alberta with her husband and dog. When she’s not writing, she can be found binge watching Harry Potter, quoting various movies in every day conversation, and eating copious amounts of candy.
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Thanks once again for joining the Watcher Series Book Tour and reviewing Carbon! Book 3 will be out spring 2018 but watch for some free Novellas from the Watcher Series coming out this winter!!