Friday, May 6, 2016

Review: Forget Me Not by Megan Tayte

The Ceruleans II
by Megan Tayte
Heaven Afire
YA Paranormal
338 pages


The Ceruleans: mere mortals infused with power over life and death. Five books; one question: If the might of the heavens were in your hands, would you be sinner or saint? 

Death is stalking Scarlett Blake. As if the encroaching darkness in her head wasn’t enough, she’s become disturbingly accident prone. Falling off a cliff isn’t ideal when all you want is as much time as possible to live, to love.

Her fate is horrifying. Unbearable. And inescapable. No one can save Scarlett from The End that’s looming. Not Jude, the Cerulean who is intent on Claiming her. Not Luke, the boy who is intent on loving her.

The clock is ticking, louder with every heartbeat. Now Scarlett must decide how best to protect the people she loves. Will she trust in Jude and the life-after-death he promises? Will she stand against the Fallen, who have her sister captive? Will she carry the burden of her death alone – every headache, every hallucination, every wrenching, aching emotion?

And when the clock falls silent, when the darkness eclipses the light, will Scarlett fight for life? Or will she have no choice but to surrender?


This is the second book in the series, and since so much of it builds on what happened before, I wouldn't recommend it as a stand alone.

We find Scarlett there where book one leaves off. She knows she's going to die and is determined to live life to the fullest until that last day comes. Her reaction to the entire situation is believable, especially when the surrounding circumstances are considered--and this isn't a normal death. Her doubt and occasional switch between feelings makes her more realistic and it to be expected. Still there's always a positive air to her and a lovely desire to embrace the glory of life. In other words, Scarlett is a character easy to like even when some of her decisions are a bit off. But then, decisions in such circumstances aren't easy.

The plot is wonderful and, at the same time, an odd thing in this series. On one hand, it flows at a steady pace, never too fast and never too slow. The characters are given tons of depth and even the side ones have stories of their own. Each and every character comes to life and grows on the reader as if they were real friends. So, in that way, this is a story to fall into and get lost in the pages (which I did). On the other hand, the main plot, the impending after-death and need to save the sister, is shoved off to the side completely and awaits in book three. Although this does frustrate in some ways, the book in itself is so good that buying book three is a give anyway.

Summed up, this is definitely worth a read. The character depth is amazing and the story moves along at a nice pace with heart-filled moments next to approaching tragedy and confusion. The romance is sweet, and the pending 'danger' laces every moment with a shadowing tension. Sheer action fans, waiting to dive into battle will be frustrated, but those who enjoy great characters, romance and dealing with tough situations (and a bit of paranormal on the side) will enjoy diving into these pages.

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