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Review: Amelia, The Venutons and the Golden Cage by Evonne Blanchard

Amelia's Amazing Space Adventures, Book 2
by Evonne Blanchard
Picture Book 
62 pages

Uglesnoo needs Amelia’s help.  His sister is very sick.  The only cure is a repelling crystal from Neptune.  With his Earthling friend, Amelia, they must continue their quest.  More items are needed to buy the crystal.  But Venus is full of danger and angry aliens.  Are Uglesnoo and Amelia in over their heads?


This is a book which will take little space fans on a fantastic journey and never have them wanting to return to Earth.

Amelia is sleeping when Uglesnoo appears to help her find the cure for her sister. And a creature like Uglesnoo would be quite the shock to wake up to. They head out on a quest to find the Neptune crystal, which is sure to make her sister feel great in no time.

This is  a fantasy packed book with so much fun that kids are sure to be swept away. Amelia runs into the most amazing creatures and situations, exactly the out-of-space kind which pushes a kid's fantasy to stretch further. The illustrations are very colorful and add the right amount of atmosphere. Not to mention, they're simply a joy to shuffle through and look at time and again.

The writing, amount of words and number of illustrations makes this a perfect book for young readers who are beginning to tackle 'bigger' reads after leaving the simpler picture books. The text doesn't seem as overwhelming with so many pictures thrown in. Plus, the adventure is light-hearted and exciting, making it an easy read which doesn't bog down.

Summed up, this is a fun space read perfect for kids 6+. Especially reluctant readers will enjoy the wonderful balance of text and illustrations. It'll be fun to see where Amelia lands next on her quest.

And here she is. . .

Evonne Blanchard was born and raised in England.  She has also studied and worked in France.  She met her husband, an American whilst they were both volunteering at a children's orphanage in Guatemala.
She resides in the North Shore (Boston, Massachusetts) with her husband and their two daughters, Lydia and Gwendolyn.  Other additions to the household include a naughty dog called Lola, a lovely cat called Arthur, two hamsters (which they are careful to keep out of the cat's clutches) and lots of fish!
Amelia's Amazing Space Adventures is a series of ten exciting space adventures for children, ages 5-9.

Book One: Amelia, the Moochins and the Sapphire Palace

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Thank you for your lovely review of my children's book, 'Amelia, the Venutons and the Golden Cage.' It's very much appreciated.

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