Friday, May 13, 2016

Review: Crimson Tides by Eliza Tilton

Crimson Tides
The Daath Chronicles, Book 3
by Eliza Tilton 
YA Fantasy
Curiosity Quills Press

Back in Lakewood Avikar finally learns the truth about his father—and the lies he’s been told since birth. Since King Corban doesn’t believe his tale about the shapeshifters, it falls to Avikar to find a way to route out the beasts from the lands and stop them once and for all.
Lucino has left Jeslyn in Mirth to go fight the Kuuni.  When he arrives on the black shores, ready to slaughter them all, he finds that killing is no longer as easy as before. His human side is becoming stronger, and the repercussions of his love for Jeslyn will put his race and every plan he’s ever made at risk.
In Book Three of the Daath Chronicles, two very different boys will discover who they thought they were is nowhere close to the truth, and sacrificing themselves is the only way to save the world they love.


I didn't get to read the rest of the series before grabbing this one, which was a mistake. Although it wasn't hard to figure out what was happening and get a handle on who the characters are, this is a fantasy with depth, one which needs to be started at the beginning to get a real grasp and feel for the characters and their situations.

The story is written from several points of view, which thanks to chapter headings, is very easy to follow. The character's perspectives meld together well and add a lot of depth and dimension. Although this is a complex world, it's well described and easy to dive into. There's enough details to make it rich and alive, while keeping the plot on center stage.

This isn't a light fantasy, but completely delves into a world of magic, soldiers and other creatures. Although there are scenes with action and heavy battles, the focus is more on the characters and their personal journeys as they attempt to end the war and save their world. Especially the two main male characters undergo a deep self-discovery, which is a pure treat to follow. The pacing isn't too fast or too slow, but settles in at a perfect speed to allow the characters and situations to mature and sink in. There's also a good dose of romance, not the heated kind but one which forms with friendship and promises to last through all times and realms, which for this plot, is a must.

Summed up, this is a very rich read for pure fantasy fans who really want to dive into a world. The character depth draws in, making the battles and trials come to life on several levels. The diverse points of view keep it fresh and allow a nice level of insight, creating a story not only centered on action, magic and adventure but on character growth as well.

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