Thursday, May 26, 2016

Review: Willakaville by Mathew Heinecke

Amazing Adventures of Astronomical Awesomeness
by Mathew Heinecke
Middle Grade Adventure
216 pages

Why is all the toilet paper disappearing? Will Kyle escape the banana warriors? Can Marty save everyone from the mushroom zombies?

Find the answers inside Willakaville: Amazing Adventures of Astronomical Awesomeness. Follow intelligent children as they solve supernatural issues and find out about themselves along the way. 

The book is full to the brim with time machines, magic, mayhem, aliens, cats, mystery, secrets, strange lands, rockets, evil villains, and a pencil.

If you are into action, adventure and awesomeness, this is the book for you!




Some towns and the people in them are simply strange, but none is probably as vibrant, quirky and oddly exciting as Willakaville. 

This is a lovely collection of stories involving an unusual...and fairly zany town. The characters often are normal enough, but the situations they get involved in and the solutions will make the reader tilt their heads, make a 'huh' noise and smile or giggle. Nothing is at it seems; it's better. And one never knows what's going to happen in Willakaville town next.

Each story involves a different cast of characters, of all ages and types. These stories are broken down into fairly short chapters, making it easy to read one or two at a time. The plots are very different, making it impossible to guess what will happen, but they share one thing in common--they are unexpected, chucked full of funny fantasy and a bit of humor kids are sure to enjoy.

The writing is great, giving enough descriptions to know what's going on but keeping centered on the action itself. The characters are usually the kind of people one might see in real life, which gives the right foothold to let the nonsense take flight. 

This is especially a gem for reluctant readers and sure to pull at least a smirk on most reader's faces. I recommend it for kids ages 8+. 

And here he is. . .

Bald Guy is a genetically modified carrot-banana slug hybrid with mind controlling powers that allow him to implant silly songs into one's brain.  He is the supreme ruler over his bathroom and garage. He grew up in the sewers of the city of Glop on planet Toidy. After receiving his degree in bizzarology, he continued onto a career of laziness followed by several years of goofing off.

If you want to know more about Bald Guy, read his series Willakaville. By the time you are done reading it, you will have a better understanding of this monolith of galactic culture.

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