Saturday, May 7, 2016

Review: Joe Gizmo by Sam Day

by Sam Day
Picture Book 
ages 0+
38 pages

Joe Gizmo builds a time machine and has a wonderful adventure!


Little inventors' hearts will beat faster when they meet Joe Gizmo and his vast array of inventions.

Joe Gizmo is an inventor, and what an inventor he is! From his own interesting alarm clock to a laser which cuts the lawn to the perfect height, this kid has it all under control. Pretty much. The inventions are amazing, enough to make kids' dreams shoot in all directions and come up with ideas of their own. And when the greatest invention of all, a time machine, beeps to life, the results are funny and adventurous.

The bright illustrations bring the entire thing to life. They add so much to the text with their funny little details and make it possible to understand the story all on their own--in other words, even young listeners can flip through the pages and enjoy the adventure on their own.

Giggles are smiles are guaranteed as Joe tries to deal with the side effects of his invention. While the simple text tells one story, the illustrations make it clear that something else humorous might be going on. This dual view on the story will make kids laugh as Joe tries to bring everything back to the way it should be...with a heart warming ending, of course.

The text is easy to understand, with only about one sentence for each page. Although this is great for the youngest listeners, it would have been nice to see a little more at times

This is an enjoyable book in so many ways and something kids will surely enjoy. As to parents, watch out because this will get little inventors' minds churning and might lead to small inventions of their own.

Summed up: this is a cute, little book for future inventors (or those who are already grabbing the screwdriver). The illustrations are bright and funny, and the adventure is sure to please with laughter and smiles.

And here he is. . .

Sam Day has always enjoyed writing. He writes children's books exclusively about time travel, robots, and friendship. In his spare time he knits, plays tennis, and studies quantum mechanics. Sam lives in  Los Angeles with his two cats Allen and HG Wells.

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