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Today's review... Roan Stallion by Alfreda Beartrack-Alego

It's time to dive into history again (I do love doing that!) tomorrow, we'll be jetting with a hyper-speed into the remote possibilities of the future, which make this a fun flip-flop on reads. Anyway, I've read works from this author before and do enjoy her dive into the Lakota culture and history.  It's always interesting to learn something, which I didn't know before. Plus, today's read packs adventure and determination, which always is a great mix. So, let's head in and find out how it is!

Legend of Big Heart, 2
by Alfreda Beartrack-Alego
Young Adult Historical Fiction
128 pages
ages 12 and up

The exciting Big Heart Series continues when Alfred Swallow meets a wild roan stallion. Not just any stallion, but a medicine hat roan stallion that is believed to have special powers.

The bond between Alfred and the stallion reaches far into a world of hopes and dreams. It’s 1929 and times are hard for Alfred’s Lakota family on the Dakota prairie. Alfred knows his grandfather could use a new tractor, so with the help of his friends and the roan stallion, he makes plans to win the prize money at the annual White River Relay Race. But time is short, as the race is just weeks away. Unaware of the dangers that lie ahead, Alfred prepares to train the horse. Even though the odds are against Alfred and his team, something in the grandstand catches his eye on the day of the race, and that changes everything. Can Alfred’s determination and prayers carry them through to win?



With care for history and tons of heart, this boy's determination, friendship and family bonds lead to an exciting adventure.

This is the second book in the series, but it wasn't overly difficult to settle into the flow and enjoy this story. I would, however, recommend reading this series in order.

I have read works from this author before and do enjoy the way she weaves the culture, myth, history, pride, and a touch of mystical possibilities together. In this story, the importance of family and tradition comes across with warmth and pride. Alfred is a determined young man, who has a heart of gold as he wants to help family despite the impossibility of it all. His hope is inspiring as is his tenacity, and it shows that persistence can lead to success...but does need a little assistance along the way. It also inspires pride in the culture and does introduce young readers to some Lakota history, while nurturing a greater appreciation for their past.

While there is tons to enjoy on the historical and cultural end, this is also an exciting adventure with more than a few hurdles. Alfred has quite a bit to overcome and figure out. Nothing works smoothly, and the reader will wonder if everything will turn out all right in the end. At the short length, this also is a nice read to pick up 'in-between', not to mention that it works well for classrooms, homeschoolers, or any other group wanting to hit a little history on this end. Plus, horse lovers get a little enjoyment as well. So, this is a well-rounded read with lots to offer.

And here she is...

Alfreda Beartrack-Algeo is a storyteller and poet as well as an artist and illustrator. She is a member of the Lower Brule Lakota Nation, Kul Wicasa Oyate, Lower Brule, South Dakota, where she grew up surrounded by her tiyóspaye, her circle of family and friends. Alfreda uses various art forms as a means to tell her stories. Alfreda says, “It is a very sensitive and beautiful experience to be a storyteller. There is a story in everything I create, from the smallest rock to the mightiest mountain. With every character born, every story shared, I add a piece of my spirit to this great matrix of life. As long as I have a story left to tell, I feel I have a responsibility to gift that story forward.”

Alfreda currently lives in beautiful Palisade, Colorado, with her spouse, David Algeo.

Alfreda is available for author visits and presentations about her books and culture. Contact her at abalgeo or

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