Saturday, February 4, 2023

Today's read... My Special Someone, Volume 1 by Momoko Koda

It's Manga time!!! I saw this one and realized it was perfect for a Valentine's Day read. Clean romance, squeal-worthy moments, and tons of sweetness seem to be guaranteed. I'm not expecting a whole lot of depth from this one, just a lot of fun. It was first released in 2019 but is hitting the shelves with new energy this month.

So, let's get those hearts flowing because this one screams February.

Volume 1
by Momoko Koda
Young Adult Romance / Manga
200 pages


A girl who has sworn off beautiful boys meets a gorgeous pop star determined to win her heart!

After a mortifying rejection, Sahoko Wakaume has sworn off beautiful boys. But a chance meeting at her family’s restaurant puts her in the sights of gorgeous J-pop star Kouta Kirigaya of the group Like Legend. Sahoko will need all her cynicism to defend herself against Kouta’s tenderhearted and affectionate efforts to win her heart!

Sahoko tells off the nation’s top idol Kouta in her family’s restaurant for assuming that she’s his fan. Instead of being cowed by his mistake, Kouta comes in the next day with albums and VIP tickets to Like Legend’s next concert. Can Sahoko withstand his shining onslaught to charm her?



All the wonderfully fun aspects of a shoujo manga come to giddy and romantic life in this entertaining read.

After having faced embarrassment when a love confession turns bad several years before, Sahoko has turned against love, romance, and men. Instead, she has her sights set on being a career woman, when she graduates. Her best friend, however, goes sparkly eyed for every hot guy, especially the ones in a boy band named Legend. When one of the band's members, Kouta, stumbles across Sahoko's family's restaurant, Sahoko feels it's her duty to get an autograph for her best friend. This takes a strange turn, forcing Sahoko to clearly state that she has absolutely no interest in him or his band...and he takes that as a challenge to turn her opinion around.

Fans of sweet romance swirling around a pop star and an ordinary girl are going to enjoy this one quite a bit. It holds every cliche, which makes this genre popular and lets it flow without pardon. So, readers who want to pick up a novel without heavy surprises on that end, will enjoy it quite a bit. Plus, it adds enough unique-ish twists to make it interesting and even a little unexpected. Sahoko's energy against guys is funny and builds up the perfect 'I told you so' moment to come. (Athough she does flip over to Kouta quite quickly). Kouta, of course, lays it on thick and will have readers giggling at his over-the-top moves. It's a comical back and forth, which is sugar sweet and adorable.

The illustrations are done in an easy-to-follow fashion and do allow each character's personality to shine. Especially Kouta's moves visually come across with over-glisten and shine, making them perfect for the story. Sahoko's thoughts pop-in as needed without over-plowing and keep a smile on the face.
I was very surprised by the ending twist on this not sure if I like it or not...but it does promise more endearing moments to come. Plus, there are still the other guys in the band, which might add some future fun as well.

It's a sweet, romance, which ensures laughs and smiles. It's definitely not overly serious and as clean as adorable romance can be.

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