Sunday, February 12, 2023

Today's review... No Buzzards Allowed by Melodious Mutt

Today's read hits two of my favorite directions: books and music. This picture book is accompanied by music and centers around two buzzards, who've fallen in love, but nobody wants them around. I was definitely curious, so I took a peek.

by Melodious Mutt
Illustrated by Paige Poppe
Picture Book with Music
ages 4 to 8
32 pages

"What happens when two Arizona buzzards who don't belong find out about a magical place in Oregon?  Find out in "No Buzzards Allowed."  

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With a unusual pair of love birds, this book combines song with a warming tale.

Two buzzards fall in love, but nobody in the Arizona dessert seems to want them around. So, they continue on, searching for a place they can settle down. They meet various animals along the way as they head through California and up to Oregon. There they might very well find a home.

The book is brightly illustrated in water color and presents various animals often not seen in the kidlit world. The animals are well presented and while they shun the buzzards, there is no feeling of malice or bullying. Just lack of acceptance. Listeners/readers will sympathize with the unique pair as they are turned away again and again. It's a gentle tale and does make an okay read-aloud. But this book is built around a song, and it does come across better exactly that way.

The music takes a more traditional direction with an accordion and 3-tact, and that with a slightly more Western flair. I'm a huge fan of introducing kids to various music directions and found this one easy to listen to as well as fitting to the tale. It's an earworm and does invite to singing and swaying along. It's a fun combination, not something a bookworm runs across every day, and introduces readers/listeners to something they might not have heard or seen (the animals) before.

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