Thursday, February 2, 2023

Today's read... Walter the Wonder Snail by Neil Clark

The second I saw the snail on today's read, I wanted to meet him. This book promises fun and adventure in snail fashion, and it appeared that it could be so cute! It might also be due to my desperate need to have a bit of sunshine and touch of Spring fun because we're now up to almost 2 weeks of school off due to snow and ice! My kids are joking that it's just like another Christmas break...if not longer. 

Well, let's see if this one brings sunny thoughts, shall we?

by Neil Clark
Happy Yak
Picture Book
32 pages
ages 4 to 8

APRIL 4th!!!

Walter is a snail who is really, really bored of leaves. Surely there's more to life than leaves? His fellow snails are happy just slowly munching away... but not Walter! He wants to try something new.

Walter's never seen beyond the large, looming leaves and tall towering flowers of his simple, small world. He sets out on an incredible journey full of challengesunlikely friends and remarkable sights!

The brave snail meets heart warming animal characters, like Lottie the squirrel and Kendrick the frog, who inspire him to continue on a big adventure, particularly for such a tiny creature.

Comical scenarios, rich artwork and a stunning colour palette makes this a lovable read. Walter the snail will encourage readers to think big and not to be afraid of change!



Fun, adventure and a dash of illogical nonsense make this a book to get lost in again and again.

Walter spends his entire day among leaves, chomping away, but he wants something more. The other snails think he's bonkers. After all, snails love leaves. Walter packs his bag and heads out to show them that he can do more. And that's where his adventure begins.

This is a super-cute read, which has a snail to love. Walter's attitude just puts a smile on the face as he heads out into the big world of the backyard and beyond. The writing flows so well, making this an easy-to-sink-into read, which promises an adventure, which is simply fun. Readers will wish they could join Walter themselves on his journey. The only thing, which jolts a tinsy-bit is the flat introduction of the creatures Walter sudden when compared with how smooth and natural the rest of the read is. 

The illustrations are bright and bold, and hold a more simple style while drawing in with a sense of cheerfulness. Walter is well-portrayed as he goes from one moment to the next. The adventures come alive, especially when the fun action hits, and will have listeners giggling or ooo-ing and ahh-ing.

Of course, there's a message in there, too, about going beyond your comfort zone and not letting others define who you are or what you can achieve. Plus, there's a warming ending to wrap it up. I see this one as a great edition to classrooms or even at home.

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