Friday, February 24, 2023

Today's read... Love Is a Story by Todd Tarpley

Sometimes, it's great just to grab up a read to feel better about life, and that's what today's book is all about. This is a picture book, which concentrates on the theme of love. It promises to be one to snuggle up with as the wonderful relationships shared by family, friends, relatives, and more is brought to light. And which of us doesn't need more love in their life?

I'm hoping this one will bring tons of warmth and let's see if it does just that.

by Todd Tarpley
Illustrated by Sophie Leu
Union Square & Co
Picture Book
32 pages
ages 3 and up

Love is the patter
of ten little toes
as the first light
of day trickles in.

Follow parents, grandparents, and a wide array of kids throughout all the seasons as they learn about the meaning of love. Love can be the way your smile starts to curve when a giggle is about to begin, a puddle with you in the middle, a story read with a flashlight, or a morning that bursts into color. This is a sweet and reassuring story that resonates with kids and adults.



Snuggly warmth beams from every page as the various ways in which love is shown, comes across in  familiar ways.

This is a picture book rotating around the theme of love between family, friends, neighbors, and relatives. It's written in flowing rhyme and in short, understandable phrases, which give a gentle atmosphere and artistic flow. Each scene presents a familiar situation (going on a walk with family, sitting on the couch under a blanket, etc.), making sure readers will identify with more than a few. The positive atmosphere radiates from each moment as the characters beam and smile. There's also a very large diversity offered, making this a read for everyone.

The illustrations are bright and cheerful with bold colors, while holding a natural feeling. There are enough details to give readers things to gaze at and find. The individuals as well as settings are no problem to identify. It's fun to gaze at each page, especially since the sense of warmth, acceptance, care and love is more than obvious.

Love is more than a phrase and often comes across best in everyday things and situations. This book concentrations on that aspect and shows how playing together, receiving help, spending time with each other, and such situations often radiate true love. It's definitely a 'feel good' read and works well as an uplifting read or even a nice snuggle before bedtime.

And here they are...

Todd Tarpley is the author of thirteen picture books including Beep! Beep! Go to Sleep!, a 2016 ALA Notable Book, and Naughty Ninja Takes a Bath, which spent several days as the #1 children’s book on Amazon at the end of 2019. His books have been featured in the New York Times; included on Best Books of the Year lists by Huffington Post, Chicago Public Library, and Bank Street College; and translated into Chinese, German, Italian, and Danish. Other books include Would You, Could You Plant a Tree? and Would You, Could You Save the Sea? Both feature Dr. Seuss’s Lorax and celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of Dr. Seuss’s classic book. Three more Dr. Seuss–themed books are coming soon. Todd lives in New York City with his family. Learn more at
Sophie Leu is a Taiwanese illustrator with a particular passion for art and children’s education, based in Taipei. Sophie’s art is inspired by cultural experiences, self-introspection, everyday moments, and memories sprinkled with bitter and sweet in life. She loves to combine traditional with digital media and always feels excited to experiment with new things. Learn more at

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