Wednesday, July 6, 2022

IWSG and Today's Read: Young Explorers Nature Journal by Stephen Nett

 Before heading into today's read...


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Today's question: If you could live in a book world, which one would you choose?

That's easy! Now, this may not originally have been a book world, but there are, now, books about it, too. (Does that count? Because I'm just going to claim that it does.) I'd want to be in the world of Dr. Who. 

As a middle grader, I adored this series and, while I've fallen away from the newer versions...actually, I haven't seen an episode in many, many years. Still, the idea of darting through time with someone competent (because I'll definitely need Dr. Who at my side to save me from all the trouble I won't be able to deal with) is exactly down my lane. Believe it or not, it's not the possibility of going through time, but rather the variety. And unexpected surprises. And adventure. And...well, the Tardis is simply amazing!

Yep, that's where you'd find me.

And you, where would you go?


Today's read takes us outdoors and into nature. This nonfiction read is written by a nature enthusiast and journalist, who enjoys sharing his love and curiosity for nature with young readers. I am actually pretty excited about this one, since it not only offers all sorts of basic information of various aspects of the world outside, but allows kids to take note and discover themselves. 

Observing Activities for Exploring Nature Outdoors
by Stephen Nett
Illustrated by Ry Menson
Children's Nonfiction
64 pages
ages 4 to 8

A different kind of Nature Journal for kids - Designed by an experienced Naturalist and guide. Amazon New Release Best Seller
Nature is filled with wonders. But how can children learn the ways to discover them?

This brightly colorful and charming Young Explorers Nature Journal is a great start. Every child is born with abilities for exploring nature outside.
 These fun field-tested observing activities are designed to help young children 4 - 8 learn to use their abilities anywhere - hiking, camping, in the park or backyard. Nature exploring activities children love - and a guided journal to fill with memories and discoveries.

Created by a trail-experienced Naturalist, nature writer, photographer, and father of four. 
More than outdoor play or crafts - skills to last a lifetime. Guided simple ways for discovering nature's creatures, features and hidden secrets anywhere, using the sensory abilities kids are born with.

Tap natural curiosity, grow outdoor confidence, and build a deeper connection to the natural world we live in. Just in time for summer travel, vacations, hikes, homeschool or family fun at home.

Includes more than 50 hands-on observing activities and 
40 pages of Journaling spaces for drawing, coloring, writing, collecting - to share and save their personal discoveries.

Plus, for parents and teachers, helpful, important and child-tested tips for helping young children safely experience nature outside, anywhere. Note: Pre and early readers will need an older partner to help read and choose activities.
  • Hours of healthy discovery and enjoyment outdoors
  • Age-appropriate activities, no experience necessary, but nature skills to last a lifetime
  • For homeschool, backyard, great activities for camping, hiking, field trips, parks, nature walks, family outdoor time or just hours of fun outside.

Nature is full of wonders. But they stay hidden til we observe them.
When was the last time you listened to birds talking to each other? The burble of moving water? Counted the colors of flowers along a path, or watched cloud shapes in the sky?

Help young explorers develop their own skills to discover, observe and fall in love with the wonders of nature waiting outdoors with this guided Nature Journal.



Being outdoors gains quite a bit of fun, discovery, and even a few things learned in this brightly colored journal.

There's always something to discover when outdoors, and this journal encourages readers to take a closer look and see what they can find. After a few words to parents/guardians/group leaders on how to use the journal and offer some tips, the book addresses the young readers and explains how to use the journal, how to approach nature, and even a few safety recommendations. After this, the journal and its richness begin with information as well as plenty of opportunities for readers to add their own thoughts.

This is a wonderful book to pick up for anyone heading out into nature. Whether it's camping, hiking, short trips for fun, picnics or whatever, this is a lovely book to take along. It's colorfully illustrated, not only to keep the atmosphere fun and light, but it also helps readers identify all sorts of things they might discover outdoors. Even the areas, where readers are to leave their own scribbles, are decorated and hold bright images.

The author has kept the intended age group in mind and has successfully made it accessible for them. The descriptions are short and sweet, and never boring. It invites the reader and encourages them to explore and see what they find, but also offers a bit of support. I can see kids picking this one up and jotting down all sorts of things while on a vacation or trip. It's even great for groups, which head outside, and homeschoolers will also find some use in these pages. So, yes, I do recommend this one.

And here he is...

Stephen Nett is a Naturalist, photographer, nature journalist and father of four, with a life-long love of finding and sharing nature's hidden layers and secrets. This Young Explorers handbook was inspired by 92 happy second graders he guided on a 6 mile hike up a mountain forest trail, which was just as exciting as it sounds. He and his wife live by a bird-filled turn in a river two miles from Pacific surf.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

People are picking Star Trek for the same reason - they are books now as well!

Diane Burton said...

Oh, yes, Dr Who. There must be books. I would love to travel with the doctor, esp. David Tenant. He's my all-time favorite doctor. Nice review and accompanying article.

Natalie Aguirre said...

Time travel sounds fun. Not sure why I never watched the Dr. Who series.

L Diane Wolfe said...

I bet you have a lot of Dr. Who books to pick from, too.

Melissa said...

Time travel would be fun. I think. LOL
Great review! Sounds like something that would have been good back when I was homeschooling.

Damyanti Biswas said...

Definitely want to try time traveling if possible some day! Hahaha :D