Saturday, July 16, 2022

Today's read... Guardian by W.J. May (currently free)

I had a little switch-a-roo to do on my reading calendar...the reason today's post is so late...and was in the mood for something easy, quick-paced, and action packed. I stumbled across this one, and since it's currently free on Amazon, gave it a go. I haven't read anything from this author before (not that I know of, anyway) and was surprised at how many books she's already gotten out into the world. This is the first in a fairly new series and had an interesting off we go!

Royal Guard Series, Book One
by W.J. May
Young Adult Science Fiction
204 pages

What you are looking for is not out there, it's in you...

Stass had told her the story a thousand times.

She was ten years old when he found her, lost and alone in the harsh wilderness of the northern Cascades with no memory of who she was. For the past eight years, Amber has lived with him above his martial arts studio in Seattle, slowly losing hope that her family will ever come for her.

Everything changes the day Stass is murdered.

Alone and hunted, with no idea where to turn or who to trust, Amber finds herself connecting with Raven, a young woman, who claims to know her history. The kicker: according to Raven, Amber is an alien princess exiled to Earth by a civil war that claimed the lives of her entire family. To regain her past and go home, she needs to find a relic hidden somewhere in the very mountains Stass claimed to have rescued her from.

With the help of a former member of the Royal Guard and her distractingly attractive trainee, Amber and Raven race to find answers.

But not everyone is who they claim to be, and a betrayal in a critical moment will put everything on the line.

Can a girl without a past win the fight for her future?

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With action, secrets, alien royalty, and tons of danger, this is the kind of read to pick-up and simply enjoy.

Amber was found abandoned in the forest when she was young and can't remember anything before that day. But that doesn't matter, since she's found a very good home with a replacement father, who happens to be a martial arts trainer. Now, that Amber is about to turn eighteen, she'd love to head off to college, but he's not thrilled. When she returns home one evening to find him murdered on the apartment floor, her world falls apart. But before she can even begin to mourn, a stranger shows up at the hospital, claiming he was her father's best friend...but she's never heard of him let alone met him. Soon, more people come out of the woodwork, all claiming they want to protect her and the others are trying to use her before killing her. Amber has no clue who to trust, let alone why everyone suddenly finds her important. But it soon becomes clear that they are more than willing to fight to the death to get their hands on her...and she has no clue how she'll survive.

This one starts with two feet grounded in everyday life with a very normal teen girl and her healthy relationship with a very wonderful father. She might have trained with him since he found her, but it's nothing over the top and fits right in with the surroundings. She's kind, determined, and would never do anything to disappoint her father. So, she's an easy character to connect with and root for.

There is quite a bit of action in these pages, but none of the fight scenes are extreme, either. Even when it's clear that aliens are involved, super powers or amazing tech is no where to be seen. Secrets and intrigue power this tale, throwing in one character after the other so that's it's hard to know who to trust. Each one has just enough personality and depth to add to the confusion and keep the reader guessing for the most part. Some clues were a bit obvious, while others hit with complete surprise. Even at the end, it's not sure who is really telling the truth or not. Book two could bring a complete that keeps things interesting.

The writing flows with ease and a nice natural atmosphere. There are logic holes dribbled here and there, which didn't have to happen, but for the most part, it slides together well. I didn't have any trouble reading this in one sitting and was engaged until the end. The romance is a bit too instant for my taste (especially with everything Amber has to process), but the hero is sweet and restrained. There are some crumbs, which leave big hints at several things, which might happen in book two. And book one does leave on a cliff-hanger, making this a series, which appears to have to be read all the way through to get a satisfying end. It's a fun, easy ride, which doesn't disappoint on the quick-paced end of things.

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