Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Review: The Stars Between Us by Cristin Terrill

Today's review is still in line with this week's run of young adult fantasy and science fiction reads...and even with the earlier post today. So, it must be fate. While yesterday's read hit parallel world's and fighting for survival on a dead planet, today's mixes the dream of 'rags to riches' with romance and adventure. While the blurb definitely grabbed my interest, I also found the cover on this one eye-catching.

Ready to shoot off into the galaxy and see what it holds?

by Cristin Terrill
Wednesday Books

AUGUST 2nd!!!

There’s always been a mystery to Vika Hale’s life. Ever since she was a child, she’s had an unknown benefactor providing for her and her family, making sure that Vika and her sister received the best education they could. Now, Vika longs for a bigger life than one as a poor barmaid on a struggling planet, but those dreams feel out of reach. Until one day Vika learns that her benefactor was a billionaire magnate who recently died under suspicious circumstances, and Vika has shockingly been included in his will. Invited to live on a glittering neighboring planet, Vika steps into a world she can hardly believe is real.

The only blight on Vika's lavish new life is the constant presence of Sky Foster, a mysterious young man from Vika's past who works for her benefactors. She doesn't like or trust Sky, but when she narrowly escapes an explosion and realizes someone is targeting the will's heirs, Vika knows Sky is the only one who can help her discover the identity of the bomber before she becomes their next victim. As Vika and Sky delve into the truth of the attacks, they uncover a web of secrets, murder, and an underground rebellion who may hold the answers they've been looking for. But Sky isn't who he seems to be, and Vika may not escape this new life unscathed.

In The Stars Between Us, Cristin Terrill sweeps readers away to a Dickensian-inspired world where secrets are currency and love is the most dangerous risk of all.



This is a fun, rags-to-riches tale with adventure and space and romance and...well, it's quite the ride.

Vika works as a barmaid, bringing in what income she can along with the rest of her family members, since her father's job went under. The last thing she expects is to suddenly be declared the chosen wife for one of the richest sons in the galaxy. She definitely doesn't expect it to be taken away again...and then, back? Her life has turned into a rollercoaster, but then, there's so much more as she faces a plot to kill off the rich family, strangers trying to gain her trust, and a world she doesn't really fit in with.

This was a fun read. The world building is very well done, keeping everything familiar and yet gliding off into space. It's not hard to sink into Vika's life as she does her best to support her family. She's a bit snarky, but she lives a tough life. Her family is supportive...for the most part. Her younger sister is a bit of a mystery to me, but all in all, it's a lovely mix. Especially when the other characters join in and stir up the plot quite a bit.

It does carry the usual Cinderella appeal, but then, twists in murder and intrigue as well as an enemy to friends love. The story flows very smoothly and draws in with it's easy-to-read style. With the space setting, the uniqueness is complete. Even this doesn't overwhelm, but rather adds a nice touch, which won't even scare away those who don't normally dive into the science fiction world. 

This is a read to enjoy with a bit of several genres flowing together seamlessly. So, I can recommend this one to YA romance fans, who love more than just than usual, sweet read.

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