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Review: Piper and Purpa Forever! by Susan Lendroth


by Susan Lendroth
Illustrated by Olivia Feng
Yeehoo Press
Picture Book
32 pages
ages 4 to 8

FEBRUARY 22nd!!!

When Piper outgrows her favorite sweater, she must find a way to save it in this comforting picture book perfect for every kid who has a lovey or favorite piece of clothing.
Piper loves Purpa, her favorite purple sweater. She wears it everywhere--to the park, to birthday parties, and every occasion in between. But as Piper grows bigger and taller, Purpa does not, and soon Piper can't fit into Purpa anymore . . . though maybe she can find another way to keep her beloved sweater in her life. This reassuring story reminds us that growing up doesn't always mean leaving our favorites behind



A super sweet girl and a very familiar problem give away to a touching solution in the cutest way.

Piper loves her purple sweater. She wears it everywhere and as much as she can. While it starts on the big side, hanging down to her knees, the years and her growth have it fitting more and more snug. But at one point, it's too snug. Piper refuses to admit it, though, and is determined to wear the sweater forever...if that's possible.

Piper is a bubbling joy. Her enthusiastic attitude, determination, and rosy cheeks make it hard not to smile the second she hits the page. Her love for a sweater is a familiar situation that many listeners will understand and recognize (be it a favorite stuffed animal, blanket, socks, or whatever), and her refusal to give it up is also nothing foreign. She's definitely a character to connect with and her situation is something universally understood.

While Piper's family tries to coax her out of the sweater, they do this with gentleness and understanding...for the most part. This care and concern gives the sense of understanding and love, which keeps the book warm despite the growing problem. Even when Piper becomes frustrated the book maintains a positive and light atmosphere, much of which is due to the colorful and cheerful illustration style. 

The ending holds a little bit of a surprise and offers a great idea to listeners, who might have the same issue as Piper. In any case, it's a super cute book and one readers will identify with and leave with a smile.

And here they are...

Susan Lendroth’s picture books range from science to history to children finding their place in the world—because Susan loves science and history and is still finding her place in the world! She works for the Los Angeles Public Library and devotes her spare time to a needy cat named Kitten. Her daughter’s childhood love of the color purple inspired this book.

Olivia Feng is an artist and illustrator who is inspired by the unique way that children view the world. She loves nature and animals, and lives with a cat and three dogs.

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