Saturday, February 5, 2022

Review: Little Cat Hide and Seek Emotions by Audrey Bouquet

 Today's review is so full of cats and fur and emotions, too! This short book features tons and tons of cats, and the idea of searching through them...and just gazing at them...caught my attention. 

Let's see if this one as as cute as I'd hoped.

A Play Primer to Learn about Your Feelings
by Audrey Bouquet
Illustrated by Lambert Fabien Ockto
Sounds True
Board Book
18 pages
ages 4 to 8

FEBRUARY 15th!!!

Children will learn to recognize and respond to expressions of emotion through a fun matching technique.

Little Cat Hide-and-Seek: A Playful Primer to Learn about Your Emotions helps young readers recognize and respond to emotions in themselves and others. The book introduces a range of emotions such as happy, angry, sleepy, anxious, and surprised. Each emotion is featured in a spread in the book, and each spread has a variety of illustrations with cats expressing different emotions. Children will match the emotion to the illustration that most closely represents it.

The book also offers children a chance to engage with their own emotions, asking such questions as “How about you? What makes you happy?” and “Whisper in Little Cat’s ear the name of someone you love.”

Children will enjoy engaging with the character of Little Cat as he experiences a wide range of emotions in this playful, interactive book.



Cats, cats, and more cats fill the pages of this search-and-find book, which highlights emotions.

These pages are stuffed to the gills with cats as they portray all sorts of emotions. The layout is simple. There's  a short, fun phrase at the top of the page, asking readers/listeners to find the cat, which is displaying a certain emotion. The reader/listener then gazes over the twelve different cats and decides which one fits the desired emotion. There's a discussion question, which requests a cuddle or something simple related to the emotion. There's also a very basic, circle-face in the corner, showing the themed emotion.

Firstly, these cats are so much fun. It's entertaining to gaze through them and see what each cat is doing. While the listener is looking for a cat with a certain emotion, the others will also attract attention and give something to point out and smile or talk about. 

As to the emotions, this might seem like a simple task, but kids do struggle with this sometimes. I'm a little more sensitive thanks to one of my children with Asperger's. Especially at that age, my child found it nearly impossible to decipher such things. But even other children have problems with this sometimes, and this is an entertaining and easy way to explore emotions and such.

For those wanting to dive into emotions with younger readers, this is a fun and cute book.

And here she is...

Audrey Bouquet is the author of The Little Mice and The Cat and His Emotions. Originally a scientist, she studied biology and nutrition before focusing her studies on sophrology, the study of the consciousness in harmony. Many years later, she fell into the world of children's literature by way of her children and her partner and illustrator, Fabien Ă–ckto Lambert. She also writes books on plant-based cooking and nature. 

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Heather N. Quinn said...

What a fun book to share with little ones who are learning about feelings. Thanks!