Thursday, February 10, 2022

Review: The Itsy Bitsy Spider by Nosy Crow

 Today's read caught my attention because...well, who doesn't know the Itsy Bitsy Spider? Even when I lived in Germany, the adults I'd met knew the song from their English classes as kids and could still sing every word. (I might have gotten a kick out of that, btw)  This book adds levers and things to move and surprises and is exactly the kind of fun I loved as a kid (and my kids did, too).

So, are you ready to sing with me?

Sing Along With Me!
by Nosy Crow
Illustrated by Yu-Hsuan Huang
Nosy Crow
Board Book
10 pages
ages 1 to 4

Each book in the Sing Along With Me! series has five slider mechanisms and a QR code with directions for how to download both an instrumental and vocal version of the nursery rhyme. Simply scan the code to listen and sing along! Slider mechanisms on each page and cheerful illustrations will make these favorites for sharing. Join along with the beloved nursery rhyme in The Itsy Bitsy Spider.



A well-known and loved children's song joins bright illustrations, cheerful insects, and tons of surprises waiting to be brought to light.

This is a board book, which incorporates levers on each spread. It follows the classic song, making it perfect to use while singing along. The scenes mirror the sung phrases and levers make things happen at just the right time.

Bright is definitely the word for these illustrations. They are cute and make the spider very friendly and sweet. Each page beams playfulness and that's not just because of the levers. These are very straight-forward on how to be used, meaning that small listeners shouldn't have much trouble in figuring them out and using them on their own. The levers move the spider around as required by the song and/or hold other treats in store. Especially the one on the last page made me smile and ended everything on a joyful note.

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