Monday, February 7, 2022

Review: Falling Drowning by Yuko Inari

I'm sneaking in a 2nd review today simply because my pile is high, and this is the type of read that can be quickly slid in.

It's a manga and hits young adult romance. The cover and title do give off the atmosphere nicely and poetically. It's about falling in love, what that even is, and how a person knows when it's happening. But there are hints that this one will take a mysterious turn in the future.

Ready to take a peek? 

Falling Drowning, Vol 1
by Yuko Inari
YA Romance Manga
205 pages

Honatsu just started her second year of high school, and already rumors are floating around that she's dating her childhood friend, Toma. While Honatsu isn't totally opposed to the idea, she's not sure what she feels for Toma can really be called love. But when aloof transfer student Shun Tachibana appears, the waters get even muddier... How does Shun connect to the past she can't remember? And can Honatsu decide what she truly wants, when her head and her heart are pulling her two different ways?



The cover and the unique title caught my attention on this new manga series. It's broken down into four chapters, each one titled after a similar action/state. It does drift a little toward the poetic side, but then, this one is romance pure...with the promise of a little mystery as well.

Honatsu has started her second year of high school and her close connection to her friend (since childhood), Toma, has blossomed into rumors that the two are dating. Honatsu isn't sure what to do with any of this, especially since it's not true. Or maybe, it isn't. She's not sure herself if what she feels for Toma can be considered love. Then, Shun Tachibana enters the classroom, a boy who is a bit of a loner and hard to approach, which Honatsu takes as an invitation to help him, as the new kid, meld into school. But as she gets to know him, strange feelings pop up and with them, the hints that something more is at play. And all of that might have something to do with her memory loss since an accident a little while ago.

This one shows promise with the hints of secrets, a hidden past, an accident, and emotions, which come out of nowhere. The first volume lays the basis for this, more with introducing the characters than digging into any mystery. But the hints are there, and they do entice. So, I'll be keeping my eye open for Volume 2 to see if the next step offers more in this area (because this could be exciting). As to this first volume, it's a bit more slow and sweet and poetic and...well, blooming or not blooming romance.

The pacing is slow and gentle, fitting to the romantic build-up and uncertainty. Honatsu is pretty solid on the psychological end considering she lost memories during an accident. But then, she has a great support team with Toma and her best friend. She's a timid and careful, but all of this changes when guy #2 pops up. It's not a secret (well, to her but not the reader) that he's had a lot to do with her in the past, but it's not exactly clear what that is. The hints of romance hit heavy but with huge caution built in. In other words, this one is cliche and lovely and fulfills the hopes of those who pick it up for a slow, romantic, sweet read.

The illustrations are top notch and allow each character to unfold. We get a lot of character close-ups and emotions....but then, that's what this one is about. So, no fast-paced action, but that wouldn't fit.

As said, I'm curious what these secrets, past and accident will reveal. So, I am looking forward to reading on.

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