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Review: I Love You All the Time by Deborah Farmer Kris

 Today's review is one full of love and warm, snuggling feelings. But I'm not going to say anything else, and just let the post do the talking!

by Deborah Farmer Kris
Illustrated by Jennifer Zivolia
Free Spirit Publishing
Picture Book
32 pages
ages 4 to 8

FEBRUARY 22nd!!!

Reassure children that they are loved and loveable no matter the ups and downs of the day with words of affirmation for kids.

I Love You All the Time speaks to the power of caregivers’ steady love to help children develop confidence, resilience, and emotional agility with words of affirmation for kids.
Parents and teachers want strategies for helping preschoolers manage their emotions. But to effectively teach emotional self-regulation strategies, children first need to know they are safe and loved—all the time. Even when they lose their temper, even when they stay up too late, or lose their shoes, or yell at their friend. The steady love of a caregiver can help children thrive, even when life is challenging.
Written from the perspective of a caring adult speaking to a child, I Love You All the Time strengthens relationships by addressing the common childhood fear: Am I loved all the time? Its charming rhyme, words of affirmation for kids, and heartwarming message make the book perfect for storytime, home, the preschool classroom, and whenever children need a reminder that they’re loved.

All the Time Series
Written from the perspective of an adult speaking to a child, these rhyming books help young children know that they are deserving of love through life's ups and downs and show them all the ways they’re supported as they continue to grow and learn.


Full of love, heart and caring, this is a book to snuggle up with and enjoy.

This is one for kids to be read with those, who love them. It shows various situations...many which don't run very well...and how the kids are still loved. Each one shows that even if kids accidentally do something wrong or misjudge something or make a mess (never with ill intentions) that they are still loved. 

The illustrations are bright and bold, and let each scene come across with humor, love, and emotion. Listeners will connect with the events and recognize a few from their own lives. There are enough details to keep readers coming back on their own to explore, as well.

The text flows very smoothly and harmonizes with the illustrations. It encourages and is right for the age group. It makes a great read-aloud and holds the atmosphere fitting to the rest of the book.

At the end, there are notes for caretakers/parents/guardians on dealing with children and under these types of instances. So, this is a book as much for adults as it is for kids. I, personally, just enjoyed the picture book and the love it beams. 

Learn about the author!

I spent 23 years in schools in nearly every capacity: elementary teacher, middle school teacher, high school teacher, administrator, and in-house parent educator. I love the energy of being around kids of all ages. It also helps me with my other career: education journalism and parent education. I am a parenting columnist PBS KIDS and write about child development for MindShift (an NPR education blog) and other national publications. And I recently founded to share simple practical wisdo with parents.

Here’s what I want parents to know about the whole “All the Time” series. Just as Daniel Tiger is really a parenting show dressed up as kids’ programming (that’s my take, at least!), my books are aimed as much at caregivers as they are at young children. 

As an education journalist, it’s my job to read all those new-release parenting books – but most parents just don’t have time for that! So I took a bunch of my research on resilience, emotional literacy, curiosity, and healthy development and turned them into four read-aloud books for the Pre-K set: “I Love You All the Time” and “You Have Feelings All The Time” (February 2022) “You Wonder All The Time” (July 2022) and “You Are Growing All the Time” (Fall 2022)

As parents read these to their young children, I hope it will offer them with some simple ways to support their children’s emotional and cognitive development. 

I wanted to be a geologist, anthropologist, social worker, bookstore owner, journalist, and teacher. And I became the last two!

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Heather N. Quinn said...

So crucial for kids to know they are loved, and we all make mistakes. Books like this help.