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Review: Simone Joins the Soccer Team by Dr. Kelsi Bracmort with Giveaway!

 Today's review is a double-winner. Not only does it hit upon sports (yes, kids love books about sports) but also is available in English and Spanish! This is the 2nd book in a series and holds tons of goodness. But just read further and discover more yourself!

by Dr. Kelsi Bracmort
Illustrated by Takeia Marie
Picture Book
46 pages
ages 5 to 8

"Inspiration and practical advice wrapped up in an appealing story with a relatable young hero." - Kirkus Reviews
Simone Joins the Soccer Team is a beautifully illustrated children's book that will show young readers the importance of making decisions. Join Simone as she thinks about playing soccer at school.
Simone is an inquisitive and thoughtful young, black girl who lives in Washington D.C. Her mission is to discover who she is, what makes her unique, and to be proud of herself. Together with Shiloh, her cousin, they have lots of fun.
In this second book, Simone has to decide if she will try out for her school's soccer team. As she considers the possibility of playing soccer, she receives advice from family and friends. In the end, Simone learns to listen to her heart and discovers what it means to know what you want and to make up your own mind.
Thoughtful and genuine, Simone Joins the Soccer Team showcases the importance of listening, making decisions, and following your heart. In the award-winning first book, Simone Visits the Museum, she and her mom take the day to explore DC and go to the Smithsonian NMAAHC. Check it out!
Available also in Spanish, Simone se une al equipo de fĂștbol, it is the perfect book for bilingual children who can practice reading the series in both languages. The series also supports the authentic cultural representation movement.
Order your copy TODAY and enjoy the second book in the series that is sure to become a bedtime favorite!



With a natural flow and characters to love, this tale glides through the difficulties of making decisions.

Simone noticed that tryouts are coming up for the soccer team. She's never played soccer but believes she'd really like to give it a try. Not sure if it's a good idea or not, she talks to her cousin, her parents, a friend, and even a teacher. Each one offers slightly different advice until she's not sure what she wants.

The tale flows along extremely naturally and brings across a situation readers will easily identify with. Sometimes decisions are hard, and while advice is golden, it doesn't take the final choice away. Simone's desire to do the right thing makes her easy to like. She doesn't grow dramatic or press the topic, but rather, is simply trying to figure things out. The support she gets from all sides is inspiring and wholesome, and at the same time, it shows that everyone has different opinions—not always right or wrong. It encourages young readers to compare and, still, decide for themselves.

The illustrations are calm and well done. Each scene is easy to recognize and allows Simone to come across in a very positive light. The text is on the heavier end. So, this one is for the slightly, older picture book range. Those who are sure of their words can read it on their own. The vocabulary fits the age group well as does the situation. It's a fun tale, which holds a lot of goodness to read to groups or even one-to-one. 

Also available in Spanish!

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Dr. Kelsi Bracmort
is a native Washingtonian who adores DC and the rich history offered to children and young people of all ages. She was inspired to write this book series with the hope that a character like Simone will inspire all children to be proud of who they are, to go out and explore, and to follow their dreams. She earned a B.S. in Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering from North Carolina A&T State University, and both a M.S. and Ph.D. in Agricultural and Biological Engineering from Purdue University.

Takeia Marie is an illustrator from New York, comic book nerd, lover of food, and self-proclaimed hip-hop enthusiast. She enjoys working with small businesses and individuals with big ideas, having worked with clients such as The Mill, Goode Stuff Publishing, Action Lab, Brooklyn College Community Partnership, and more. Her work has been published in the Glyph Pioneer Award-winning anthology, Artists Against Police Brutality, and has been featured in Black Comix Returns: African-American Comic Art & Culture. When she is not drawing she likes to write and has contributed pieces to The Hip Hop Speakeasy and

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