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Review: Baby Goes to Market by Atinuke


by Atinuke
Illustrated by Angela Brooksbank
Candlewick Press
Board Book
32 pages
ages 3 to 7

Join Baby and his doting mama at a bustling southwest Nigerian marketplace for a bright, bouncy read-aloud offering a gentle introduction to numbers.

Market is very crowded.
Mama is very busy.
Baby is very curious.

When Baby and Mama go to the market, Baby is so adorable that the banana seller gives him six bananas. Baby eats one and puts five in the basket, but Mama doesn't notice. As Mama and Baby wend their way through the stalls, cheeky Baby collects five oranges, four biscuits, three ears of sweet corn, two pieces of coconut . . . until Mama notices that her basket is getting very heavy! Poor Baby, she thinks, he must be very hungry by now! Rhythmic language, visual humor, and a bounty of delectable food make this a tale that is sure to whet little appetites for story time.



Rhythm, bright scenes, and more than a few smiles make this a read to enjoy again and again and again.

Baby goes to the market with Mama. Every time they pass a stand, the seller gives Baby a treat—the banana seller gives him six bananas, the orange seller give him five oranges, and so it goes. Baby eats only one of each and quietly places the rest in the basket on Mama's head. By the time they're done, Mama is surprised how full her basket is. But her next assumption is sure to draw a laugh.

This is a cute, board book, built for smaller hands. The scenes are bright and vivid and hold quite a few details. Since this takes place on a market in Nigeria, there are things for readers to learn and discover. Not only the items for sale are interesting, but the clothes, customs and such also come across without every being stressed or pointed out. It does a nice job at bringing across the aspects of the other culture and the marketplace well.

The text is done with poetic finesse and will have listeners soon repeating some moments right along with the reader. It does encourage counting, too, as listeners watch baby collect various numbers of items. Thanks to the illustrations, listeners can count right along with Baby. Add the humor as Baby receives tons of items without his mother's knowledge, and it's a book packed with goodness from beginning to end.

And here they are...

Atinuke was born in Nigeria and spent her childhood in both Africa and the UK. As a traditional oral storyteller, drawing upon her recent Yoruba ancestry, she visits schools and theatres all over the world. Atinuke is the author of the bestselling Anna Hibiscus fiction series, as well as the No. 1 Car Spotter series, and the picture books B Is for Baby also illustrated by Angela Brooksbank and Hugo illustrated by Birgitta Sif. Atinuke lives on a mountain overlooking the sea in west Wales and supports the charity SOS Children's Village. Visit her online at atinuke-author.weebly.com

Angela Brooksbank worked as a designer and art director in children’s book publishing before turning her hand to her own illustration. Baby Goes to Market is her debut picture book. She lives in London.

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