Monday, January 17, 2022

Review: 2000 AD Encyclopedia by Scott Montgomery

I did think about classifying today's review as a Mommy and Daddy's Day post, but I know there are tons of YA readers out there, who love these comics. I, myself, am not a comic guru, but it'd be wrong to not admit that these tales shape the reading world and beyond as much as any novel does. And since this one packs a ton of information on that end for the 2000 AD world, I'm more than happy to present it today. (It comes out next month, btw)

Ready for a lot...and I do mean a lot...of comic adventure?

by Scott Montgomery
2000 AD
Comic Encyclopedia
332 pages

FEBRUARY 22nd!!!

From A.B.C. Warriors to Zenith ! Meticulously researched and compiled for comics fans everywhere, the 2000 AD Encyclopedia is the essential fact compendium to the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic!

What are the essential Judge Dredd stories? In which progs did The Ballad of Halo Jones run? What year was the first appearance of Nemesis the Warlock? Just who are the Thrillsuckers? Look no further, Earthlets! Every strip and major character from 2000 AD’s trailblazing 45 year history is catalogued and detailed, accompanied by stunning artwork and illustrations. With this show-stopping hardcover collection, must-read characters and storylines from across the cosmos are at your fingertips!



This is a must have for all 2000 AD fans out there, which include Judge Dredd, Rouge Trooper, Strontium Dogg, Slaine and Tank Girl. It covers 44 years of goodness, and believe it or not, 40 featured characters are found on the cover alone. 

To say this book is packed is an understatement. It starts out with a list of the characters in alphabetical order and on which page to find them. That list alone made me head spin. Each one is highlighted with their background, story importance, appearances, tidbits, and more. If a comic fan needs information or a bit of clarification, this book definitely will fill any gaps and more. Plus, there are other historical facts and interesting bits of information thrown in to give this one a very, all-around, information flair.

The characters are illustrated and presented in their original and well-known style. Thanks to the tons of information, the graphics, while well done, don't have full-page displays, which would really knock this one out of the park...but it would make a colossal sized tome, too. It is great to see each character and get to know them and revisit them. The writing does make each bit of information entertaining and fun to read. I never felt it was dry, and even I as a non-comic fan, was grabbed in and want to learn more. 

Fans of these comics will enjoy this book quite a bit and I can see it being an amazing present or surprise, too. So, yes, I can recommend this one and give the author a huge thumbs up.

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