Friday, January 28, 2022

Review: Buzz, Croak, Hiss and Hoot by C.E. Moore

Today's review head out into the world around us and all the noises we can hear...if we just stop to listen. I loved the cover (of course, I did!) and was pretty sure that a book about noises would not only be educational but make a great read-aloud. Maybe.

Ready to find out if I was right? 

by C.E. Moore
Picture Book
28 pages
ages 3 to 7

If we listen, nature has a song to sing.

Whether it's deep in the ocean, under a starlit sky, or in the heart of a forest, Buzz, Croak, Hiss, and Hoot is a lyrical journey through some of the sounds and wonders of the natural world. Follow the rhythmic cadence of whooshing birds, erupting volcanoes, and whirring insects as young readers discover nature's sweet song.

A great gift for curious-minded readers ages three through seven
A joyful ode to the natural world
Encourages kids to listen and explore the sights and sounds around them
A perfect read-aloud for the classroom, outdoor school, or homeschool

Great for fans of Hear Bear Roar (Eric Carle), Flowers are Calling (Rita Gray), and Slow Down: 50 Mindful Moments in Nature (Rachel Williams)



Nature's noises, variety and so much more are presented with enthusiasm, respect, and a contagious desire to want to explore.

It was the cover on this one, which caught my attention with the large words and the invitation to hear nature around us. I'll admit I expected something a little different than what this book provides...which isn't a bad thing. The various noises in nature are presented, but this isn't connected to specific animals or places or times of day as I thought it might be. These pages go beyond that, using the noises as a more general point to stop and listen and enjoy. It's nature and the world around us, which is stressed along with the variety of life around the world.

The illustrations hold details and portray nature in various and artistic-touched ways. Everything from changing seasons to sleeping animals to environmental issues to wildlife is hit upon. There are quite a few things for readers to gaze at and find, making this one to revisit and search for more. The calmness and variety of life is definitely brought across well.

The joy for nature and need to step away from life and let it sink in comes across, especially in the ending spreads. I did find some sections a bit wandering and overly broad, but then, it's more of a general message about nature and the world with an atmosphere, which edges on dreamy and poetic. In that sense, the cover only hints at a part of what is to come. But nature fans will find many things to enjoy.

And here she is...

C.E. Moore is a visual designer and creative tinkerer who loves nature. Daughter of a bookaholic and a sewing maven, she credits her parents for her love of reading and making things like upholstered chairs, savory soups, and children’s books. With degrees in communications design and journalism, C.E. has over twenty years of experience in shaping pixels and dabbling in hues. By day, she works at the largest library in the world. By night, her creative perspective brings an artistic spark to her writings about the magic and wonder of our wild places. Having grown up in the Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina, C.E. loves hiking and camping and exploring many of the natural areas near her home in Washington, DC.

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