Friday, January 14, 2022

Review: D is for Drool by Amanda Noll and Shari Dash Greenspan

Today's review made my entire household smile. I thought the cover was cute, when I was offered to take a peek at this one. Little did I know that it's only the beginning of one of the most imaginative and entertaining ABC books I've run across in awhile.

Ready for a monsterly adventure into the realm of bedtime fantasies? 

My Monster Alphabet
by Amanda Noll &
Shari Dash Greenspan
Illustrated by Howard McWilliam
Flashlight Press
 32 pages
ages 4 to 8

When Ethan can’t sleep, he doesn’t count sheep – he says his ABCs. But in monster-loving Ethan’s alphabet, A is for Arms, B is for Belly, C is for Claws, and D is for Drool! Kids will love pointing out the alphabetical attributes on the silly monsters that parade across Ethan’s room – like earlobes, noses, spikes, and wings – and discovering where all of those monsters are headed. By the time Ethan gets to Y, he’s Yawning. And by Z, kids will be ready to sleep as Ethan does, surrounded by the tails, tentacles, and drool sticking out from under his bed. ZZzzzzz. D is for Drool is a monstrously magnificent ABC book that offers a new way to fall asleep. With the perfect balance of giggles and shivers, it is a captivating companion to the award-winning I Need My Monster series.



ABC's take on a delightfully, monsterly twist, which will leave readers smiling and willingly peeking under their beds.

Ethan can't sleep. So, he decides to recite the ABC's, but with his imagination working at full throttle, these turn out a bit differently than what might be expected. 

The text is very simple and short because it's the illustrations, which carry this book. Every letter of the alphabet is listed, one by one, and immediately, a word with it follows. For example, D is for drool (like the title). Sometimes, there are two or three words with the same beginning letter mentioned, but this only ranks up the silly fun. And this one is silly fun.

The monsters parade across the page, one, two or even three at a time. They start out rather sinister and creepy but grow sillier and funnier as the pages turn. It's not only the attributes mentioned by the ABC's which make this cute, but each monster carries a distinct personality. It's super fun to meet each one...and listeners will probably start rattling off other attributes the can think of that start with the letters, too.

The entire thing ends on the perfect, bedtime-read note, and despite the claws and growls, this one does invite to sweet dreams. To say it's a fun read is an understatement.

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