Sunday, September 26, 2021

Review: You Can't Kiss A Bubble by Karen A Wyle


by Karen A Wyle
Illustrated by Siski Kalla
Oblique Angles Press
Picture Book
28 pages
ages 4 to 8

What can you do with a bubble?

​​​​​​​Many children – and adults – find bubbles fascinating, even enchanting. And yet they’re so different from most things we enjoy, lasting only a few moments. This little book, with its lovely and whimsical illustrations, looks at both the charm and the transitory nature of bubbles, and reminds us that we can take joy even in the impermanent.



The title and cover already had me more than curious, since I've always been a huge soap bubble fan.

This one is about bubbles. They offer so much joy, are unique and fascinating, but they don't last forever. Written in prose, it fits the theme wonderfully and allows the gentle nature to come across, while not loosing the sense of amazement a bubble can have. The text is simple, making it great for younger listeners, and yet, it packs meaning, which means even slightly older readers can enjoy it. This makes it also a great way to introduce prose to beginning readers and let them experience the emotion a few words can bring across, since playing with bubbles is something they will easily identify with.

The illustrations flow right along, allowing the bubbles and their uniqueness to come across. The colors pull in and create a fitting world to the atmosphere. 

Then, there's the message. It isn't preachy but flows right along with the rest of the book. Things can be fun, capturing, and very enjoyable...even if they don't last forever.