Thursday, September 30, 2021

Review: I'm With the Banned by Marlene Perez

I have two reviews for today because I did not want to leave October without cleaning out the stack of books meant for this month. And it was a packed month.

The first review is the 2nd in a series, and get this...I actually did read the first one first! See, I can do it. The first one was such an easy, entertaining, and tad bit quirky, which I truly enjoyed. In other words, it was perfect for one of those evenings where I just want to have fun without much thought. So, when I was offered to take a peek at this one, I was thrilled.

Ready to see what I thought?

by Marlene Perez
Afterlife #2
Entangled Teen
YA Paranormal
320 pages

OCTOBER 5th!!!

I never wanted to be a vampire queen.

But on the bright (if not sunny) side of the debacle, I’ve got a super-hot new boyfriend. And he just might be the perfect guy.

Well, if the perfect guy ghosts you for a month and then comes back to school with a new look, a pack of friends, and a secret. But we have bigger problems.

The Drainers are back. They’re singing a different song, but have they really changed?

Even worse, werewolves’ hearts are being ripped from their bodies—which is putting the people I love in danger. I need to figure out who is behind the murders before there’s an all-out vampire-werewolf war.

No one is going to mess with my friends, even the ones who like to get wild and howl at the moon.

Sometimes, all a girl can do is grab her tiara and start kicking some supernatural ass...



I did read the 1st book in this series and enjoyed it as a fun, easy read, but I found this one to be even better. And yes, this one needs to be read as a series since this book does build off of the events and characters of this first one.

Now, that she's the Queen of the Vampires...or at least, for the district, and a witch, the politics of her situation are becoming a hard balance. Her laws are very different than the ones of her eviler predecessor, and the other paranormal communities aren't ready to trust her. Add the werewolves automatic hate for vampires, which is being kept at bay simply because her boyfriend is a werewolf, and it's a sticky situation. Especially when something keeps killing werewolves and they want to blame the vampires.

This is not a deep read but rather one with tons of tension fun. The main character has a lot of spunk and as a newbie to this entire vampire thing, is doing her best to balance it all. And considering she's still a teen, it's a lot on her plate. She's fun to read about, though, and her thoughts do cause some laughs and giggles sprinkled between the more dangerous scenes. It's a fun mix

Romantically, it's not as exciting as it could be as it becomes more of a battle to keep the werewolves and everyone balanced. Although there are some surprises on this end, too. But if you're reading this only for romantic tension, it's more of a fun action read (which I prefer). The hero is swoon-worthy, though, and things don't always turned out as expected, which keeps this book on its toes.

I can't wait to see if and when book 3 hits the shelves because these characters are quite a bit of fun for those simple reading moments.

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