Sunday, September 12, 2021

Review: The Adventures of Bentley Hippo: Inspiring Children to be Patient by Argyro Graphy

Happy Sunday! Today, is always a day of stepping back in our household and letting life slow down a bit. It does slide in a bit with today's theme, since the book I'm reviewing just happens to do with patience. 

This is the 4th in a prize winning series from a Canadian author. But I'm not going to test your patience, let's dive right in!

Inspiring Children to be Patient
by Argyro Graphy
Illustrated by Michael Reyes
BHEC Publishing
Picture Book
32 pages
ages 4 to 8

A loud knock at the front door has Bentley startled.  Who could it be?

An excited Jaxon, rambles on not making any sense.  Racing ahead pointing in the distance Bentley follows this silly monkey.  A large crowd has gathered making it impossible for Jaxon to see what the fuss is all about.

Sprinting to the front  of the line, Jaxon is stopped and directed to the back of the line by the ticket agent.  Frustrated, Jaxon looks around waiting for the right moment.  Determined, he makes a mad dash. 

Inspiring Children to be Patient teaches:

  • the importance of waiting your turn.
  • understanding the meaning of being patient
  • identifying ways to stay calm.
  • respecting others around

Bentley has his hands full with this hyperactive monkey.  The illustrations and expressions will have you giggling in this entertaining and educational story.  

The fourth in the Inspiring Children Series, this makes a wonderful gift for any occasion, and a great addition to classrooms, libraries and daycare facility.



With vibrant characters, this book teaches an important message while keeping it fun.

Bentley's doorbell rings, and when he opens it to find a very excited monkey, the adventure begins. Although Bentley isn't sure what monkey wants, since he's too excited to speak clearly. Curious, Bentley joins his friend to see what's going on and discovers a long line waiting to see the action. But monkey isn't about to wait patiently until it's their turn and tries to sneak into the front of the line. This doesn't work out the way he'd hoped.

This is the 4th book in a prize winning series, which follows Bentley and his friends as they learn important messages about life. In this book, the monkey learns the importance of being patient in a tale, which combines humor, lovely characters, and situations readers can identify with. Before the tale begins, the author gives a short introduction on being patient and the benefits it brings.  This allows caretakers an opportunity to prepare for the book and use it with a clear intention...and that while still grabbing listeners' interest.

The tale is fun, and the characters are full of life. It's hard not to smile and wonder at monkey's excitement, and it's clear things won't run well when he refuses to wait his turn. Listeners can identify with the situation and feel for all the characters as the story unfolds. It's well and clearly written, and works well as a read-aloud. The illustrations are bright and bold with characters to make listeners smile. I was a bit disappointed that the situations were told in the text but not always displayed in the illustrations, since seeing everything step happen would draw listeners in more and make the situations clearer. Still, the book does a nice job at fulfilling its purpose. And to top it off, there are some ideas at the end for readers/listeners to try themselves.

And here she is...

A proud Canadian and the mastermind behind the Bentley Hippo Series,  Award-winning author Argyro Graphy, is acclaimed globally for her thought-provoking books for children. The author remains at the forefront to promote the worth of positive aptitudes among children of all ages, all while instilling the love for reading.

“Teaching kids the significance of inclusivity and diversity right from the start can make them caring individuals towards others. With the Inspiring Children Series, Bentley promotes humbleness among children with an aim to make it second nature, from a young age,” says Graphy.

The author’s passion for reading and her flair for writing breathes life into Bentley, creating phenomenal tales designed on the principles of ethical teachings. Each story focuses on engraving the worth of positive values, on the tender hearts of children.  With a diverse group of characters facing their own struggles her goal is to teach children that despite challenges, we are all valuable, we all matter and we must all accept and respect each other.

The characters in her books are visually impaired, as is she, have diabetes, kidney issues, autism, ADHD, as well as alopecia.  Her hope is to normalize the characters in the eyes of children so that they can grow up to be more accepting towards people who face these difficulties every day.  She encourages children to embrace their differences, celebrate their abilities and not focus on their disabilities, recognize opportunities to spread kindness while fostering a healthy mindset

Serving as the positive role model worldwide, Graphy’s most lovable character Bentley the Hippo is on a mission of spreading kindness through four Kindness Projects, that have already been introduced in classrooms locally and overseas.

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