Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Review: Slow Down, Tumbleweed! by Haven Iverson

My parents had a farm on the edge of Wyoming for many years, and there were always amazing stories to tell about the power of those seemingly harmless tumbleweeds. Never ever ever underestimate a tumbleweed...and I mean that with 100% sincerity. 

When I was discovered this book, there was no way I wasn't going to take a look at it. It comes out


and promises to offer sound advice, which doesn't involve the more sinister side of tumbleweeds (which they have, I promise you).

Ready for a look?

by Haven Iverson
Illustrated by Robert Sayegh
Sounds True
Picture Book
32 pages
ages 4 to 8

Children will see how learning to slow down gives you a chance to notice and appreciate the beauty in the world.

In our fast-paced society, children are often missing the value of slowing down. Slow Down, Tumbleweed! is about a wild and roaming tumbleweed who thinks the world is only interesting if you rush through life. Then she gets caught on a fence and is forced to slow down.

As she learns to sit in stillness and quiet, Mabel notices the beauty of the world around her—the music of wind chimes, the shapes in the clouds, the long eyelashes of a heifer. She sees there is so much that is interesting and beautiful right here, right now. You don’t have to chase it.

Slow Down, Tumbleweed! teaches children the importance of slowing down, pausing to take a breath, and cultivating mindfulness. It shows the peace and gratitude you feel when you learn to be calm and open your awareness. This book celebrates all of life—both moving fast and moving slow.

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Tumbleweeds have never been as fascinating and cute as the one in this book.

Tumbleweed broke off and began her journey across the state, which was the best day ever. Now, she tumbles and bumbles around, dancing with the wind and flying past on the breeze of great adventures. She even feels sorry for the other weeds, since they are stuck in the exact same spot without much excitement their entire lives. When a huge wind comes, she's sure this is going to be the most amazing adventure yet, but instead, she gets stuck on a fence and can't go anywhere.

This tumbleweed radiates a joy for life, and it's hard not to feel the excitement with her as she tumbles from one place to the next. The illustrations give the tumbleweed a nice amount of personality, while never leaving the natural shape. Her positive attitude is catchy and invites to smiles as do the scenes around her. While the illustrations are heavy on the browns and yellows, thanks to the landscape, they still pop off the pages and invite to gazing fun.

The text is good for a read-aloud, since it's a bit on the heavy side for beginning readers. The vocabulary, emotions, and settings fit well to the intended audience and even open up the door for those to learn more, who aren't familiar with tumbleweeds. The message in the book is to show listeners how important it is to slow down, but I found this part swept by way too fast and think it could have used a little more time with Tumbleweed visibly learning to enjoy a still environment with the animals (and not just the one page or so without any real emotional moments) before tumbling on again.

It's definitely a sweet read, and I have no doubt that listeners will enjoy getting to know Tumbleweed. It's hard not to like her and wish one could experience adventures with her in the future.

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