Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Happy Book Birthday, It Fell From the Sky by The Fan Brothers!

 You have no idea how excited I was to see another book from the Fan Brothers. Their artistry and pacing has been amazing in their past two picture books, and I couldn't wait to see what they've brought out now. 

With this book, they've definitely won me over as a fan. In some ways, it reminds me of James and the Giant Peach, but it takes its own direction, making it an original and intriguing tale.

And now, I'm going to stop before I saw everything...because isn't that what a review is for?

by The Fan Brothers
Simon & Schuster 
Picture Book
56 pages
ages 4 to 8

From the creators of the critically acclaimed The Night Gardener and Ocean Meets Sky comes a whimsical and elegantly illustrated picture book about community, art, the importance of giving back—and the wonder that fell from the sky.

It fell from the sky on a Thursday.

None of the insects know where it came from, or what it is. Some say it’s an egg. Others, a gumdrop. But whatever it is, it fell near Spider’s house, so he’s convinced it belongs to him.

Spider builds a wonderous display so that insects from far and wide can come look at the marvel. Spider has their best interests at heart. So what if he has to charge a small fee? So what if the lines are long? So what if no one can even see the wonder anymore?

But what will Spider do after everyone stops showing up?



Vivid grays and whites create a capturing world and setting the perfect background for a wonder, which changes everything.

It fell from the sky, a glorious ball of color. None of the insects and other creatures living in the grass and weeds know what it is, but they know it's amazing. After various attempts to figure it out, the spiders steps up with an idea, which allows everyone to watch it in a wondrous setting...one that can be seen after paying a small entrance fee of a leaf. As things grow and grow, all seems spectacular, but then, disaster strikes.

To say that the illustrations are amazing is an understatement. The details of the grass world comes to life with vibrant exactness thanks to the defined grays and whites. Not only are these well done, but it allows the marvelous object, which fell from the sky, to truly capture the attention. This is as masterful play as it also demonstrates why and how the insects can find this item so miraculous. It stays at the center until it's not. It's a visual tale in and of itself.

But to say the tale isn't just as capturing would simply be wrong. Various creatures from the grass play with ideas of what the item could be. It's entertaining and curious to watch them marvel over an object listeners will recognize. As the spider comes in and changes everything, the story grabs and keeps listeners waiting to see how it all turns out. It's a capturing tale with a very good message and is sure to become a favorite. I'm definitely adding this one to my list of favorite picture books for 2021.

And here they are...

Terry Fan received his formal art training at Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto, Canada. His work is a blend of traditional and contemporary techniques, using ink or graphite mixed with digital. He spends his days (and nights) creating magical paintings, portraits, and prints. Terry is the cocreator of The Night Gardener and It Fell from the Sky. Born in Illinois, he now lives in Toronto. Visit him online TheFanBrothers.com.

Eric Fan is an artist and writer who lives in Toronto, Canada. Born in Hawaii and raised in Toronto, he attended the Ontario College of Art and Design, where he studied illustration, sculpture, and film. He has a passion for vintage bikes, clockwork contraptions, and impossible dreams. Eric is the cocreator of The Night Gardener and It Fell from the Sky. Visit him online TheFanBrothers.com.

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