Sunday, September 5, 2021

Review: One Tough Cookie by Sean Cusack

It's always fun to dive into something unexpected and different...and this book is exactly that. While using desserts as main characters is already a twist, this one packs messages, and then dives into a completely different direction. Is it something for everyone? Nope, but I know some readers who found the quirkiness fun.

Curious? Then, let's take a look! 

by Sean Cusack
Indigo River Publishing
54 pages
ages 4 to 8

Unlike his brothers and sisters, Chip— the youngest and only chocolate chip cookie in his family— doesn’t have any fun or special job like they do. Without a career to enjoy, Chip finds it hard not to be upset when each of his siblings has something that makes them special and happy. Chip grows tired of being teased by his brothers and sisters for not having a fun job, so he decides to find a job that he isn’t just good at but better at than his siblings! Unfortunately, by focusing on what he thinks he should be based on his siblings’ careers, Chip struggles to belong in any job that he tries. With the support of his mother, Éclair, Chip makes the decision to focus on himself and his dream in order to transform into what he always imagined he could be, and to show his siblings what one lone chocolate chip can do. By choosing his own path and staying more dedicated to his dream than any sibling in his family, Chip is truly able to become One Tough Cookie!



With bright, bold illustrations, this book inspires with a large amount of quirky fun.

Chip is a chocolate cookie and is one of many dessert siblings, but unlike his siblings, he can't seem to find his real place in life. Each of them has an awesome job, and he tries his best to see if he fits into one, too. After all, they won't stop making fun of him until he does. But none of their jobs fit him.

This is an original book with a slightly ridiculous twist, and yet, I know some young boys, who find it fun. It offers adventure, superhero amazingness, good messages, inspiration, and...well, who doesn't like a dessert? So, expect odd because this book is odd, but that's what makes it fun.

The illustrations are bright and bold and present Chip nicely. Each scene pops, is simple, and very direct. They let Chip shine and make it clear what's going, kids can flip through these on their own. I was a little disappointed that Chip's siblings weren't shown in their jobs along with Chip, since it would have been nice to get to know more about them to. But it's still a colorful adventure.

The text is simple enough for the younger end of the audience. A couple pages do hold more text, which makes this one good as a read-aloud. Thanks to the larger font and placement away from the illustrations, the text is simple to find and read to a group.

Plot wise, this one packs a bunch. It begins with Chip being bullied by his siblings and wishing he could do more. He doesn't fit in and is easy to sympathize with. His desire to try to make things better is inspiring. The book, then, takes on a second level as Chip decides to become a hero...almost like two stories in one. This sudden direction will thrill superhero lovers, while those accustom to traditional books will find it different and not necessarily enjoy the sudden twist. It is original, adds a bit of excitement, and adds the amount if quirkiness to make young kids want to put on their own superhero capes and save the day.

And here's more about the author...

Sean C. Cusack, native of Chicago, IL. 
Facebook:  Sean C. Cusack
Instagram:  kal_czk81

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Heather N. Quinn said...

Looks like it might be a hit with my grandson. What a fun premise!