Monday, May 31, 2021

What's Coming in June?

There are still a few days left of Spring, and I'm going to use them well. 

I'm always excited to do these posts because it's so easy to get lost in the massive review pile, that I often lose the overview of what exactly each month will look like as far as genres, intended audiences and such. I'm always surprised because each month seems to gain a natural trend. Sometimes, it's more historical reads or graphic novels or...well, who knows what. 

This month holds an odd...well, I'll just say that it's a pretty wide variety. I have quite the pile of re-writes and retellings (which took me by surprise) and a couple more fantasy reads than the last months.  I also have a few more chapter books than I usually have, which I was happy to see. In other words, it promises to be an interesting mix.

So, off we go!


I wanted to start this month off on a positive note, and what could be more positive than a cool duck? This book is supposed to keep the fun level high and include an egg (I think that's what it is) to search for on every page. Who doesn't like to search for things in the illustrations? Anyway, paddle off with me and see if this duck should be wearing sunglasses or not on the 1st.

Picture Book

Sherlock Holmes: The Hound of the Baskervilles

Classics should never be overlooked. This one is a rewrite of a famous tale (obviously) and fashioned up just right for the middle grade audience. Since I haven't had one in this direction in a very long time, I couldn't resist swiping it up. Discover the new version of this famous detective's mystery with me on the 6th.

Middle Grade Mystery


I was thrilled to get my hands on this one, since it promises to be an excellent read. It's set in the medieval times and features a mysterious girl, who's found injured by a monk, and has a goat as a friend. There should be prophecies (obviously, since it's stated in the title), a dark forest, forgotten kingdoms, magic...and we'll see what else on the 9th.

Middle Grade Fantasy

I love finding nonfiction picture books, which carry a bit of quirkiness but still teach kids all sorts of things. This one is exactly the kind of thing I would have peeked into as a kid, and my own kids slip into their book bag at the library, too. Take a look at it with me on the 12th.

Picture Book Nonfiction


It's time for a retelling! This one weaves with Shakespeare's The Tempest. With a girl raised on an island under a wealthy family, a historical setting, magical elements, and tons of intrigue. So yep, this one caught my interest. I'm not super hot on the cover, but that doesn't mean anything. Right? Right? Find out what I think of the tale on the 14th.

Young Adult Fantasy


What's life without monsters and adventure? For all fans of true fantasy, this one promises a journey, tons of action, imagination pure, and tension to make hearts pound faster. I'll be sharing my thoughts on the 18th...and see if it's as exciting as it promises to be.

Middle Grade Fantasy


We're off to Lagos to meet a young girl named Tola and her sister. This one is a collection of three stories, each one diving into a little adventure. Each one should be pretty true to life (I'm led to believe), and is suited for chapter book readers. I'm just looking forward to learning more about Lagos and this girl's life. Take the trip with me on the 19th!

Chapter Book Contemporary


Ready to blast off into the future and a dystopian world? This time, it's with a twist toward the Spanish culture (South American?). There are also elements surrounding music and song, which slide along magical notes. A scifi/fantasy/dystopian? Or something like that? I'll know more when I tell you all about it on the 21st.

Young Adult Science Fiction


A mysterious jukebox, disappearing father, secret messages...and then, the jukebox begins to glow and pulls the kids away to the time period of whatever song is playing? Seriously, how could I not want to read this one! Dance to the beat and enjoy the tunes with me on the 23rd.

Middle Grade Mystery / Fantasy


Hold on tight because the elements of this one are quite the intriguing weave: a retelling of Jane Eyre, lean toward fantasy, death and deceit at every turn, and an Ethiopian-inspired setting. It might make an amazing mix. Find out with me on the 30th.

Young Adult Fantasy

See? Lots of goodness. Each month, I'm tempted just to share my entire list because...well, I also have the 1st in a brand new middle grade series from a best-selling author, a few more books from diverse authors, a couple more fun reads to kick-off the summer for the lower grade levels and...
Well, before I say more, let's just hit this month's Joker Read and call it good.


This one promises a good, wholesome, middle grade mystery. It's the third in the series (and as you might already have guessed, no, I didn't read the others), and I was intrigued by the New Hampshire setting. There's a waterfall, sunken ship, pirate tales, and lots of summer swimming in the sun. In other words, I thought it might be perfect for June...that's when I squeeze it in. Sometime. But when?

Middle Grade Mystery

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Love seeing what you're going to feature next month. You've got a nice range of genres and MG and YA books.