Saturday, May 15, 2021

Review: They Fell from the Sky by Liezl Buenaventura

It's graphic novel time! At our school library, graphic novels is one of the most loved section, especially for the middle graders. So, I love throwing these into my review mix each month.

Today's review shoots off into the science fiction direction. I enjoy a fun science fiction read and one in graphic novel form promises to be a blast. Plus, the blurb caught my attention on this one. I'll admit, the cover made me wonder if I might be disappointed (it didn't seem to fit to the blurb), but it definitely fits right in with the plot. 

 Ready for a visit from outer space?

by Liezl Buenaventura, Chris Sanchez, Xavier Terrga, DJ Chavis
Mad Cave Studios
Middle Grade Science Fiction / Graphic Novel
112 pages
ages 8 to 14

AUGUST 31st!!!

Tommy Murphy is just an ordinary kid. He goes to school, hangs out with his friends, and fanboys over his favorite TV show. But when a chance encounter in the woods thrusts him into an unlikely friendship with an otherworldly creature, he is forced to navigate bullies, family squabbles, and tween woes... all while trying to prevent an interplanetary war!



Aliens bring in a wave of exciting adventure, and that with an original twist in a fun, graphic novel form.

Tommy and his friends have a blast watching the latest episodes of their favorite science fiction series, even though others see them as the ultimate geeks and make their lives difficult. But fiction turns into reality when a space ship crashes near Tommy's house. The alien is not what he or his friends expected and communication is proving more than difficult...if they can communicate, that is. Add the usual teen woes and increasing troubles at school, and an interplanetary war might be the least of his concerns.

After reading the blurb, I was really looking forward to this one. It's about teens, but I'd slide this one more toward the middle grade audience and tweens. Tommy is a likable guy, who has his good group of friends. His family tends to be a bit strict, his slightly older sister is more than hard to read (and a pain), and life at school is problem all on its own. In other words, he's a normal kid with normal teen problems. And while this does take place in high school, it didn't give me the young adult feel. Tommy and the situation he finds himself in will definitely capture middle graders and tweens from beginning to end.

This alien packs a surprise, and I loved the original twist. It added an entire different plot direction to this type of read, and made it hard to guess what would happen next. It also set this as a solid one for the lower reader audience for me. And it's an exciting plot, which drives forward with unexpected situations. Plus, it's hard to figure out what's going on. There were moments which moved a bit slow, but, in general, it keeps a quick pace. In other words, its a blast into science fiction fun.

The graphics are well done, as well as entertaining and easy to read. They balance with the text nicely to round off the scene. The right amount of humor even slipped in with subtle finesse and gave the entire thing the needed boost of exciting atmosphere. 

This is a fun, science fiction read, which I'd recommend to ages 10 through 14. It does slow down a bit in spots, which I'm hoping doesn't loose more reluctant readers, but all in all, it's an exciting and original adventure. Plus, after reading it, aliens aren't what they seemed before.

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