Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Review: Glow by Ruth Forman

 Yesterday was release day for today's review. This board book is a companion read to Curls, which I reviewed back in February. (You can see that post here

by Ruth Forman
Illustrated by Geneva Bowers
Little Simon
Board Book
ages 2 to 4

Jeffrey Salane at Little Simon has bought world rights to two board books, Curls and Glow, by author and poet Ruth Forman (l.), illustrated by Geneva Bowers. Curls celebrates hair and Glow celebrates skin tone. Publication is planned for spring 2021 and summer 2021, respectively; Kerry Sparks at Levine Greenberg Rostan represented the writer, and Kate Kendrick at Astound represented the illustrator.

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                                     * wording borders on poetry
                                     * brings across atmosphere and feelings nicely
                                     * great as a bedtime read


Sticking to few words and allowing the atmosphere to take over, this is a lovely read, especially before bedtime.

I did have the chance to review the companion book, Curls, and truly enjoyed and appreciated the way the author set the tone in those pages and celebrated something as wonderful as curls. This book again uses imagery as well as descriptive words to bring across a feeling of pride, joy and satisfaction. And it does it well. Each word is carefully chosen and is delivered as a poem. The scenes come to life through the illustrations, while the words set the tone.

I enjoyed how the book started with the excitement of a day and slowly headed toward a bath before sliding into the bed for a good night's rest. It awakens positive and self-confident feelings, while setting the perfect tone as a bedtime read.

While I do enjoy this one, it wasn't quite as well done as the other board book. I believe the author wanted to awaken joy and pride in a similar way as Curls, but if that is the case, it wasn't as clear nor did it encompass the same variety. This one comes across with a wonderful sense of satisfaction and good feelings... and that's wonderful, too.

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