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The Reaper Trilogy Book 2
by Elizabeth J. Rekab
YA Paranormal

New town, new rules... Same evil.

After discovering that everything they believed in was a lie, the survivors of Everhaven struggle to adapt to life in the harsh Outside world. Abigail, her mother, and her boyfriend, Preston have settled into a town noted for psychics—a role Abbie quickly adapts to thanks to her continued ability to communicate with the Dead. She can't help but wonder why ghosts disappear when they touch her, but she doesn't have time to contemplate that when she has a vision of a new town, like Everhaven. Abbie realizes with horror that it's happening all over again.

Now, she must locate the town and figure out a way back inside the Beneath to free her father and best friend. Secrets revealed along the way threaten to derail Abbie's plans, but she can't let them. She's determined to defeat the terrible underworld ruler Ivan once and for all; the fate of thousands of souls depends on it.

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Egypt, 821 BCE

The boy has grown up to be a man.

He was once a scared little thing, skinny and trembling

near the banks of the mighty Nile after his parents abandoned him

and left him for dead. But he proved resilient, staying alive by fighting

the rats and wild dogs for scraps. Later, he was taken in by a

stone-faced couple who sought to use himfor their own means.They

fed and clothed him, and offered him shelter, but in exchange for his

innocence.He was no longer allowed to be a boy, but forced to grow

up an indentured servant, doing what he was told without question

or it meant the whip. But the boy never complained, though those

brown eyes remained calculating. This wasn’t a boy who had given

up; this was a boy who was biding his time.

He's grown into a fine-looking young man now; he knows it and

uses those looks to his advantage. His heart has hardened throughout

the years, cruelty emanating in greater degrees as he worked his

way up the ranks, tearing down all who stood in his way.He’s beaten

the odds, but at the cost of his own soul.

“Kanefer, please,” a young woman says, pleading with the man

who has no use for her now. They speak in their mother tongue, the

language of the pharaohs. “You told me you loved me. You said I

could trust you.”

Two large men flank her, grabbing her roughly by the elbows

with their free hands. Their arms are banded with gold, chests plated

with armor, and their other hands grasp long, sharp-looking spears

that have pierced the flesh of hundreds. The pharaoh’s guards.

“I love no one.” Kanefer’s dark brown eyes settle upon the young

woman with a calculated coldness that makes her pretty, small-featured

face fall into amask of despair. She now realizes thisman is not

the one he claimed to be, and that it means her doom. The young

man’s venomous gaze darts to the guards, and he gives a singular nod.

“Take her away.”

“No. Please, don’t do this,” the woman cries as the guards drag

her away, tears gliding down her face as she’s led roughly through the

street to face her judgment, wild eyes searching for help that won’t

come. “Kanefer!” Her shouts are soon swallowed by the crowd, who

pay her no heed. They are too busy attempting to peddle their various

trinkets and goods or haggle for a good bargain.

From the alley, a figure approaches the young man now, his guise

that of a beggar stricken down by leprosy, the skin hanging off in slim

ribbons, back hunched under a tattered robe.

“Please, sir, spare some change,” the beggar asks with his hands

cupped hopefully, speaking in the local, native tongue.

But the youngman looks upon himwithmalice and disgust. “Be

gone, you filthy beast,” he snarls.

“But sir, I am starving.” The stranger’s pock-marked hand grasps

Kanefer’s wrist to prevent him from moving past.He rips himself violently

free and shoves the beggar, hard.

“Do not touch me, you disgusting animal! You should be dead,


With that, he spins away and stomps off past the alley, and the

stranger knows the young man’s soul is lost. He already thinks himself

a god, believing himself to be above other humans.That is trouble,

for he is no god. The beggar, on the other hand, is so much more

than Kanefer realizes. The very thing he wishes to be.

He’s lost, but not beyond redemption. And the young man has

now become a personal mission of sorts. Because no soul is hopeless.

Not even his.

Soon, the stranger thinks. Your time is coming yet.

The beggar turns and slinks away from the bustling crowd at the

market, disappearing from view as he fades into the shadow of the alley.

The Reaper Trilogy Book 1

A town not even the Dead can escape. A teen who dreams of freedom. Can Abbie save her loved ones before Everhaven claims their souls forever?

"As someone who loves my YA books, this is a great read that kept me intrigued and invested in the story until the very end! Truly one of a kind." - Early Reviewer

"Think Pleasantville written by Stephen King... An absolute winner... Elizabeth J. Rekab [is a] fictional writing magician." - Goodreads Reviewer

17-year-old Abigail Walters knows that after an Everhaven resident dies, they will come to her, just as she knows she will always be an outcast due to her late father’s crimes. What's more, she can't leave Everhaven no matter how badly she may want to escape. No resident can cross its border into the outside world.

When a string of random deaths and missing corpses plagues the town, Abigail begins to wonder whether her own father’s death was accidental, or if he was punished for seeking something he was never meant to find. Unable to trust the authorities, Abigail embarks on a mission to finish what her father started; uncover the truth of a terrifying town conspiracy that threatens a fate far worse than becoming a restless corpse.

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  Elizabeth J. Rekab is the author of Young Adult novels Everhaven and Hawnt. Her specialty is teen angst with a paranormal twist. She loves all fiction from comedic to romantic but gravitates towards fantasy, the supernatural, and the macabre. Her favorite thing to do is write chilling short stories and Young Adult paranormal thrillers with no shortage of her trademark wise-cracking characters.
When she's not creating an immersive page-turner, she's either searching for her next travel destination or hanging out with her Yorkipoo, three cats, and Senegal parrot in her home in Florida.

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