Monday, May 24, 2021

Review: A Fly for a Frog by by Stephen Dallas

Quirky humor launches this week as today's review steers toward a frog and the natural desire to eat a fly. Yep, the cover won me over on this one, not because it's amazing, but it just made me wonder what this one would be about. 

Let's see what this fly and frog are up to.

by Stephen Dallas
Picture Book
32 pages
ages 4 to 8

It's a "Frog eat Fly" world out there, but there's one fly who wants to change that. Maybe our froggy friend will learn a lesson along the way.


                                              * packed with humor
                                              * clever fly
                                              * bright, simple illustrations


Silly humor drives these pages forward and is sure to create more than just a laugh or two.

Froggy received a package for his birthday from his mother, but before he can open it, he already hears the small voice inside and knows what awaits him: his favorite meal! But this meal is begging him not to eat it. Instead, the fly inside claims to know many things which make just as good (if not better) meals for frogs. Although unsure, Froggy decides to listen to what the fly says. After all, he can always eat him in the end.

While this one is paced with quirky humor, it wasn't quite what I expected and went in a slightly odder direction. Which isn't a bad thing in the least. The author starts by winning a bit of sympathy for the frog. After all, it's his birthday and he did receive the present from his mother. It's not even a strange present, and any listener would understand why a frog might like it. But this frog is cheated a bit as the fly decides not to be his present. So, that sets an interesting tone.

I love the clever fly and how he buzzes around with the most ridiculous (and yummy) food for a frog. The illustrations strengthen the humor...but I'm not going to say how. It's definitely smile worthy and even a tiny bit worrisome for the frog (it was just his birthday, after all). And while this guarantees laughs and giggles, the ending really surprised me and left me with a 'huh' effect. While ending everything with a fable message feel, it hit strange with the rest of the read. So, I wasn't the hugest fan of those last couple of pages.  But it's not 'bad' either, just unexpected.

It's a book to pick up and let the smiles and giggles roll because this is a frog kids will enjoy watching.

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