Sunday, September 15, 2019

Review: Silly Lullaby by Sandra Boynton

by Sandra Boynton
Little Simon Books
Board Book
16 pages
ages 0 to 5

What’s the best way to say good night? With a silly lullaby from the beloved and bestselling Sandra Boynton.

It all starts with the big bear observing to the little bear in the red footie pajamas:

Your pajamas are on.
There’s a duck on your head.
I think that this means
you are ready for bed.

Curl up with your favorite little person and this charmingly unpredictable go-to-sleep book. Whether you are a parent, child, or just another snoozing chicken in the bathtub, Silly Lullaby is truly a sweet dream surprise. The sneakers in the freezer heartily concur.


Silliness hits high in this sweet little lullaby which makes absolutely little sense and will have those tired eyes happily ready for bed time.

This is a short, cute and absolutely ridiculous book. The first line might sound normal, but already with the second, nonsense starts and will have kids saying 'huh?' before diving into a world of giggles, snorts and nonsense. When the lullaby really gets underway, it starts with an accompanying tune, written out for those who might be ready to sing this thing. And it is worth singing..again...and again...and again...and again...

The illustrations are bright and allow the silliness to be shown without adding to it...too much. These too will have kids flipping through again and again as they  soon sing the song on their own.

My kids found this book hilarious (although I did lift my eyebrows at first) and insist it's a definite 5-star read.

And here she is...

Sandra Boynton is a popular American humorist, songwriter, children's author and illustrator. Boynton has written and illustrated more than forty books for both children and adults, as well as more than four thousand greeting cards and four music albums. She has designedfor various companiescalendars, wallpaper, bedding, stationsery, papergoods, clothing, jewelry, and plush toys.

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