Sunday, September 8, 2019

Review: Get Up, Stand Up by Cedella Marley (from song by Bob Marley)

Based on the song by 
Bob Marley
by Cedella Marley
Illustrated by John Jay Cabury
Chronicle Books
Picture Book
36 pages


Bob Marley's music has inspired millions of listeners around the world with messages of peace, love, and truth. This third picture book adaptation of one of his beloved songs has a timely message for children: To counter injustice, lift others up with kindness and courage. As a young girl goes on with her day in school, she comes across several instances of teasing and intimidation. But with loving action and some help from her friends, she's able to make things right for herself and others. With exuberant pictures by John Jay Cabuay accompanying Marley's iconic lyrics, Get Up, Stand Up is a vibrant testament to the power we all have to make a difference.


The idea behind this book is touching, and the message one that should be repeated time and again.

Bob Marley's daughter, Cedella Marley, wanted to keep the message behind his song Get Up, Stand Up alive, especially for children. This book takes the song and adapts it in a way children ages 4 to 8 are sure to understand and use in their own lives. The message is clear—don't just sit and watch injustice happen, but rather stand up for what is right. In this case, scenes from the school day and moments of various types of bullying are presented. The children in the book react by standing up and not staying quiet.

The illustrations are bright and bold, and the characters display tons of energy and attitude. The bullying scenes are depicted in an easy to understand way, while the reaction for the others includes standing up together. The diversity of characters makes it clear that this wonderful message is for everyone. There's a sense of unity in every scene.

The text reflects the song and is easy enough for this age group to understand. While it's not a read-aloud for every circumstance, it definitely works well in bringing across a point and can be used to open up a discussion on the topic. I personally would have liked to have a link where the kids could hear the song or, perhaps, some/all of the song written in the back with the tune so kids could sing along.

And here she is...

Cedella Marley's life has always been rooted in music and culture. As the oldest child of Bob Marley, she has dedicated herself to keeping her father's message and memory alive. She is a musician as well, performing internationally with the three-time Grammy Award-winning Melody Makers, which consist of her brothers Ziggy and Steve and her sister Sharon. She lives Miami, Florida, with her husband and three sons.

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Natalie Aguirre said...

This sounds like a fantastic picture book. I'll keep it in mind for a gift for someone in the right age range. Thanks!