Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Review: In Search of the Secret Sanctuary by Kim Michele Ingram

by Kim Michele Ingram
Children's Fantasy
Ages 3+
36 pages

Phillip the Prince of Edinshire, Scotland sets himself on a quest to find Tramara, his future bride to be. She is the daughter of Maon, a noble knight and her mother Helena. Accompanying the prince is his noble and illustrious stallion, Blacknight. As the prince proceeds on his quest he must overcome a horrendous obstacle that Isobel, a jealous witch has placed in his path. He encounters days of treacherous heat and torrent rains, even a fire breathing dragon. The fate of Prince Phillip's true love, now rest in his hands as he must travel through dangerous terrains, crossing the River Braan to find her.


If you're a fan of the magic and beauty traditional fairy tales offer, then this book is exactly what you should grab. Since this is also advertised as a great book for good night stories, I was totally thrilled by the star covered pages on the first pages. They really set a wonderful tone. And the story itself is printed on the imitation of an old paper roll, which gives it a nice feeling and will make it clear to young listeners that this is a story with traditional feeling.

The story itself is sweet. A prince, a witch and a true love which he isn't really suppose to marry. There's adventure and danger, and of course, the Prince must suffer all to save his love. It's the kind of story which will lead kids to lovely dreams and let their fantasies take flight.

As tot he writing itself, it's very fitting to the story. There isn't much dialogue or world building or any of those things. This follows the story telling pattern of old, taking the reader through the tale and letting them see the happenings in their mind. The vocabulary is perfectly fine for most age groups, and the story is sure to intrigue even younger listeners. This is the kind of story I could see a grandmother reading to her grandchild at bedtime. The only think I would have liked to have seen is a couple chapter breaks. Not only to break it down for readers, but also as a read aloud. It isn't that this story can't be read in one sitting--it can and is interesting enough too! But as a bedtime story, it might be a little long for younger listeners (and tired moms).

Summed up, this is a lovely story with nice, traditional fairy tale flare. And I can honestly recommend it especially to grandparents as a perfect bring-along for lasting special memories with your grandchild.

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