Saturday, July 4, 2015

Kaleidoscope by Carole Anne Carr

by Carole Anne Carr
30 pages

In her first poetry collection – some originally broadcast on BBC North West – Carole Anne Carr draws upon her lifetime experience in various parts of the world as banker, actress, artist, preacher, novelist and educationalist. Poems exploring childhood and growing-up in Yorkshire, the darker theme of apartheid in Central Africa, of first love, the poverty of old age, and of cruelty and loss, are interwoven with a wry sense of humour.


Although this isn't exactly an area that I read very often, I'm glad I had the chance to experience the delightful imagery presented in this short book. The poems pull in, exposing a depth of emotions and feelings often hard to find. I found myself reading the lines again and again, and each time finding a slightly new understanding of what the words said. Each poem transfers the reader to a different place, allowing us to dive into the words and go beyond the initial meaning.

This is originally written more for the adult audience, but I believe that teens ages 14+ will also enjoy these poems and have no trouble discovering a deeper meaning for themselves. This is a joy to read and the poems inside are something one will return to in many years to come.

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Michelle Wallace said...

I also read and enjoyed this collection!