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Review: Daughter of Light Trilogy by Heide Garrett

Isolt’s Enchantment: the beginnings
Daughter of Light Trilogy #0.5
By- Heidi Garrett
Genre- YA Fantasy/Faerie Tales

Long before the half-faerie Melia was born in the mortal world, the god Vulcan married Isolt of the Waters. When she betrayed him, the seeds of a great war were planted in the Void.

In Idonne, a young scholar studies Isolt’s story, along with tales of dwarf magic and the birth of a malevolent entity in the Void, Umbra. The stories awaken his dream of a life filled with adventure and heroism.



I read this book as the first in the series (although I'm guessing from the .5 that it was later added on) but in a way, I wish I would have read it later on. In Isolt's Enchantment, the main characters are somewhat introduced along with the missing holes of their backgrounds--and what interesting backgrounds they are!

We meet Ryder's mother (the scholar who studies Isolt's story) and the tragic story behind his birth as well as up-bringing. Through nicely placed re-tellings, which he is forced to study as a priest, Isolt's story comes to life. The author does a great job weaving these ancient myths in, and although we only get them through Ryder's studies, the characters still come to life. I think I was even more excited than him to find out what would happen next. 

Ryder's part in the story felt more jarred. Although he is the main character, and we learn about everything that will drive him in the later story, his story feels a little incomplete. He is a very intriguing character, and it's easy to feel for him as he struggles against what he wants and what those around him want for him. Still, this first book leaves him hanging a bit, and since book 1 doesn't pick up with him for several chapters, this left me wishing to learn what happens with him sooner. In other words, this book is simply not a stand-alone, and if the reader goes into it knowing this and remembering this, all is well and good. 

Half Faerie
Daughter of Light Trilogy # 1
By- Heidi Garrett
Genre- YA Fantasy/Faerie Tales

She doesn’t believe in love, and she doesn’t believe in herself.

The crucible of her parents’ dark ambitions will forge her destiny.

Her consciousness will be transformed.

The journey will be epic.

Melia is an eighteen-year-old half faerie, half-mortal who longs to fly like the full-blood faeries. She also yearns for a life that's truly her own, which might prove more difficult than sprouting wings. Her faerie mother practices black magic, and her mortal father plots to bring war to the enchanted world. No matter how she tries to escape their long shadow, Melia is unable to distance herself from her parents’ obsessions.

After the half-faerie is accused of being her father's spy, her friend advises a trip to the Illustrator. The mysterious woman marks Melia's forehead with a strange emblem. She claims it will draw a young priest from distant lands who will come to the half-faerie's aid. Spooked rather than comforted, Melia dismisses the woman's words. Rather, she travels to the mortal world to confront her father.

Whimsical and edgy, Daughter of Light is a spinoff of the 14th century French fairy tale “Melusine.” A high fantasy with fairy tale elements and an intriguing cosmology, it's a great choice for readers who have loved Lord of the Rings.



This book starts with an totally different feeling than book .5. We meet Melia, a young half-faerie, who's father is developing some pretty evil plans, which will effect existence as all worlds know it.
Although it was helpful to read the prologue book to this series, it was not necessary. The characters and circumstances were explained well enough to draw in from the very first page.

Melia is a lovely character. Her innocence is refreshing and her 'not fitting in' immediately demands sympathy. But despite these attributes, she's still strong and willing to do anything to make sure good prevails. . .even if it gets her into trouble. It was easy to like her and cheer her on, and her sisters and friends harmonized well with her. There's some rivalry, but tons of love and trust. These are simply characters I won't forget that easily.

The plot itself is very well woven, throwing in tons of interesting details while never loosing suspension or tension. I was pulled in from the very first page and didn't want to put the book down until the end. Several character view points are presented, allowing for terrific insight without giving away the next twist. I loved the complexity of the plot, while the story raced through from one exciting adventure to the next.

The world itself is very well described. There's a enough to make it feel familiar, while introducing a fantastical, new world. The details are dribbled in so subtly that it's easy to drop into the world and feel right at home. Despite the great descriptions, it never feels boring or drawn out. And I enjoyed the maps in the beginning, although it was easy enough to understand the world without them.

Summed up, I really enjoyed reading this series and can only recommend it to fantasy friends. The characters grow to be good friends and the danger is so tangible, that one wants to jump in and help them fight the growing evil before it's too late. Can't wait to get my hands on book 2!

Daughter of Light Trilogy # 2
By- Heidi Garrett
Genre- YA Fantasy/Faerie Tales
Expected Publication Date- July 30th, 2015

In Illialei, a light queen practices black magic.

In Tyrannis, the dragonwitch rises to power.

In the mortal world, Umbra pursues the half-bloods as vessels of incarnation.

Energies in the enchanted world are shifting and new alliances are forming; the battle between Dark and Light has begun. Melia is desperate to make things right with Ryder, the young priest from Idonne, but first she must warn the half-bloods in the mortal world that Umbra is coming for them—and face the powerful dragonwitch and her spectacular Dragon Carnivale.

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About the Author-
Heidi Garrett is the author of the author of the Daughter of Light series, a fantasy about a young half-faerie, half-mortal searching for her place in the Whole. She's also the contemporary fairy tale novella collection, Once Upon a Time Today. In these stand-alone retellings of popular and obscure fairy tales, adult characters navigate the deep woods of the modern landscape to find their Happily Ever Afters.

Heidi also collaborates with B. J. Limpin. They've cooked up a yummy paranormal romance, Cupcakes & Kisses!

Heidi was born in Texas, and in an attempt to reside in as many cities in that state as she could, made it to Houston, Lubbock, Austin, and El Paso. She now lives in Eastern Washington state with her husband, their two cats, her laptop, and her Kindle. Being from the South, she often contemplates the magic of snow.

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