Tuesday, April 30, 2024

What's Coming in May?

May is always a busy month. Gardening hits hard—while lettuce and such have already been growing, it's time to set out tomatoes, corn, cucumbers, and...and...and...  School is ending, which isn't as major a twist as it once was, but it still switches up the pace in our household and adds stress for a week or two. Then, my eldest daughter is graduating with her Master's and that needs to be celebrated! Maybe, we can sneak in a short road-trip somewhere? I do love a nice road trip. 

And of course, there's the reading end. 

This month is a little odd compared to my usual list. I have a pretty good sized stack of graphic novels, which leans especially toward the young adult side. There are several reads centered around the arts, and a couple hitting time travel, but then, science fiction is stronger this month, anyway. Then, I have more than a few reads, which seem to dance to their own tune... By than, I mean that they seem to have some very original twists and mixes, and I'm not sure what to expect. Could be bad; could be good. I also have a few deeper reads and a fantasy or two, so it's going to be a surprising mix!  


When I read the blurb, I was hooked. Set in 1506 in Korean, it wraps historical facts around two people from very different backgrounds, who despite being enemies, need to work together to save their country. It promises intrigue, a bit of mystery, romance and tons of historical goodness. I'm going to shoot off the month with this one and hope it rings in a great May reading list.

Young Adult Historical


This read screams fun for young horse fans. While it's not hard to find books about girls and their horses in chapter books and middle grade reads, I don't see them very often in picture book form...that could just be me. This one promises friendship and more. I'm looking forward to taking a peek at it on the 3rd.

Picture Book


This is the 2nd in a series, and I did read the first. (Wow!) It continues where the first book left off and follows a girl's magical adventure as she heads against evil with friends at her side, this time, to see if she can't free her mother. Since the first one was an enjoyable read, I am looking forward to see where the tale goes next. Join me on the 6th to learn more.

Middle Grade Fantasy


May flowers (or I'll call them that) add so much color to this cover and fit perfectly to the season. Plus, feel good books are a must for young readers, and the character on this one with its bunny ears made me smile. I'm looking forward to diving in and don't know quite what to expect...except warming goodness. Join me on the 7th and be prepared to smile.

Picture Book


This is the first in a new graphic novel series, which slides in a similar direction-ish as Cat Ninja. But this one centers around an owl and a out-of-his-comfort-zone boy as they explore time. I believe it weaves in some history along with adventure and fun, but I'll figure that out and share it with you on the 12th.

Chapter Book Science Fiction  /   Graphic Novel


Time for some knowledge goodness! This book highlights Monet and introduces young readers to not only his art but should take a peek at him as a person, too. I am curious to see how this one goes...the cover hints that it should be fun too. I'll be grabbing inspiration and heading into this one on the 13th.

Picture Book Nonfiction


I'm a little late to the game with this read, since it hit the shelves early November last year, but I'm looking forward to finally having the chance to take a peek. It centers around art, culture clash, the impact of war on kids, and trying to have voices heard. It also rotates around a character from Syria, which adds a twist I haven't seen often in kidlit, either. Settle down with me on the 18th to hear more.

Middle Grade Contemporary


I'm ready to walk into the amazing world of science fiction with this read...and that with not only graphic novel goodness but with unique flare. Or so I believe? It hovers around "relationships...androids...car repair...time travel...gods", so we're looking at quite the mix to add in tons of twists, excitement, and unexpected moments. And there should be STEM wonders as well. I'm sitting down with this one on the 21sr.

Young Adult Science Fiction   /   Graphic Novel


Time travel, memories and loss are the key words surrounding this read. I haven't really studied this one too much, yet, but maybe, the movies transport the main character? That would be so neat! I'm expecting mystery, secrets, and a capturing world, but whether or not it will be anything like that, remains to be seen. I'll be able to say more about it on the 26th.

Middle Grade Time Travel


I'm going to end the month with a read to pull at the heart-strings and twist in a bit of mystery, too. Written in verse, this novel follows a girl with mild cerebral palsy as she tries not only to find acceptance but is on the hunt to discover the truth behind her father's donor. There's romance, emotion, and...well, I'll discover more and share it with you on the 30th.

Young Adult Contemporary

Let's not forget this month's joker read! This is a book, which I have waiting on the sidelines to get its time to shine. And it will receive it. But right now, my month is booked out (word pun not intended), and I'm going to have to simply wait to see when it will have a chance to slide in.


This one isn't a 'new' read and already hit the shelves two years ago. I just ran across it and loved the idea of a moon rover adventure...so original! It actually going to be a library read, and I'm hoping to sneak it in around the end of the month...at least, that's what I'm suspecting. Depends on what happens with the rest of the books I already have scheduled. 

Anyway, I'm looking forward to this one and hope it's as fun as it could be.

Middle Grade Science Fiction

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May is a very busy month! Lot's of celebrations! Congrats to your daughter!!!