Sunday, April 7, 2024

The Road That Weaves and Bends by Caroline L. Thornton

I'm heading back into poetry and prose with today's read. I'm always very critical when it comes to this lyrical form. So, I'm hoping this one impresses, but after a very quick glance at one or two illustrations, I have a feeling it will be worth a read.

So, let's take a peek.

by Caroline L. Thornton
Illustrated by Leo J.
Children Poetry
48 pages
ages 5 to 10

A beautiful tale about the ups and downs of life. We all need reassurance now and then and to know that we're not alone. This book reminds us that life is a journey marked by laughter and tears, hope and frustration, happiness and sadness. That life is a road that weaves and bends.



Beautiful illustrations combine with flowing prose to follow the ups and downs of life and the emotions that come with it.

These pages are filled with encouragement and inspiration, and speak to the reader directly. It's broken down into three parts. The first one expresses individuality and the positive aspects surrounding living. This offers warming thoughts, familiar situations, and shows the joys every day moments alone and with others can bring. The second embraces the title and explores various problems and bumps, while offering words of encouragement. It gives support, doesn't brush such problems off, but illustrates how these are part of a path, don't mean the end, and strengthen/enrich the journey. These are done with care and concern, and gently handle the theme in an uplifting manner. The last section gives words of wisdom about taking things with patience and realizing that every step is part of a learning process.

There is quite a bit of depth and words of wisdom, and this comes across nicely in the prose form. The author keeps the text lovely but short, making it appropriate for the age group. The thoughts fit a wide span of ages and something will connect with most readers, thanks to the overreaching theme. 

While the text carries the meaning, the illustrations make this one well worth a peek. These are very well done and bring across a wonderful atmosphere with each page. This is what will grab readers and make them want to pick it up and glace through it again and again. It's a treat to sink into these, one by one, and get lost in the scenes.

There are many wise words, which will ring true and offer encouragement to those readers, who let things sink in. It's also a lovely addition to a look at poetry and prose, or works nicely as a calming read for more quiet moments. 

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Thank you so much for such a lovely review. Caroline