Monday, April 22, 2024

The Adventures of Dori, A Rescue Pup by Kathleen Conway and Juanita Ellis

I'm starting the week with dreams of beaches and sunshine. I, actually, woke up to ice on the windshield and had to scrape before heading out to make some early morning runs. Got to love Spring! 

I do hope today's read offers fun adventures, tones of friendship, and cute puppies, too. So, let's just read it and find out.

by Kathleen Conway and 
Juanita Ellis
Illustrated by Tullip Studios
Picture Book
 34 pages
ages 4 to 8

"The Adventures of Dori, A Rescue Pup" is a delightful children's book that promises to take young readers on a fun and adventurous journey. Join Dori and her friends as they explore the beach, showcasing the beauty of working together, the magic of friendship, and the joy of seeing the world through a rescue pup's eyes. From playing in the sand to uncovering unexpected treasures along the shoreline, every page captures the essence of wonder and the bonds formed between friends. 

This enchanting book not only offers a heartwarming story of friendship and hope but also allows young readers to become a part of Dori's legacy. That's because we donate a portion of our profits back to the rescue that helped Dori find her forever home; Southern Comfort Maltese Rescue. With each purchase, you contribute to a meaningful cause by supporting Southern Comfort Maltese Rescue (SCMR), the organization that played a pivotal role in transforming Dori's life from uncertainty to a world filled with love.

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Beach fun combines with three adorable puppies to create an enjoyable read.

Dori lives at a beach house and has invited her two friends to spend the day with her, playing near the waves. Making sure everything they need is packed, they head out. Shells, crabs, and more make each moment an adventure. When they happen across a couple problems, they'll need to stick together to figure things out.

Dori is an energetic puppy, who values her friends and the world around her. She's extreme curious and open to new things, which makes her enjoyable to follow as she discovers things here and there at the beach. Her friends are just as friendly and playful, creating a fun trio. This positive atmosphere comes across seamlessly and flows through the entire read to leave a sense of wholesome goodness.

It's a simple story and will draw listeners in because of this. The moments and situations are easy to identify with and always add a playful tone. There's isn't really an over-arcing message. Instead, a couple meaningful ideas about helping others and cleaning up litter were added in as separate moments. Also, the rescue pup doesn't carry importance in these pages like I thought it might, and if it wasn't in the title, it could have just been three puppy friends. And these do get along marvelously together.

The illustrations are also simple, colorful, and bring across each scene clearly. Readers, who aren't sure of their words, can pick this up, flip through the images, and create the story for themselves...which is also a nice aspect. I do see young listeners enjoying this quite a bit.

And here they are...

Kathleen Conway is the co-author of The Adventures of Dori, A Rescue Pup!  Kathleen is a former military veteran (Air Force) and works fulltime in the health care industry as an Occupational Therapist. This is Kathleen's passion behind the book was to share Dori with the world, while bringing awareness to rescue animals. Kathleen is already dreaming up more fun escapades featuring rescue animals. 

Juanita Ellis is a first-time author and co-wrote The Adventures of Dori, A Rescue Pup to spread awareness about rescue dogs, and to share a little bit of Dori's spirit with others around the world!   Juanita volunteers her time with the same animal rescue group that rescued Dori.  Juanita enjoys spending time with family, both human and furry, and enjoys trips to the beaches of NC and the mountains of TN.  Juanita works full-time in the consumer service industry as an HR Executive.

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