Saturday, April 20, 2024

Korgi: The Complete Tale by Christian Slade

 Today's read is one I picked up thanks to my youngest daughter. She's a corgi fan (among other animals). So, when I saw this one run across my screen, I didn't even hesitate before snagging a DRC copy. This also means I have no clue what it's about, what to expect, or anything, actually. Only that it's a graphic novel and appears to have done fairly well, since it's a collection of the material brought out in the series.

So, without any prejudices or forethoughts, I'm just going to dive right in!

by Christian Slade
Top Shelf Productions
Children's Animal Fantasy
584 pages
ages 6 to 12 

MAY 7th!!!

The beloved wordless fantasy graphic novel is now collected in a single epic volume! Fall in love with the wondrous world of Korgi Hollow, packed with thrills, laughs, and exquisitely illustrated animal magic.

One of the most adorable comics of our time now arrives in a bookshelf edition for all time. When day breaks in their woodland village, Ivy and her corgi pup, Sprout, have no idea that they’ll soon be swept up in an astonishing adventure! Soon they’ll journey across land, sea, and air, from past to present and beyond, to learn more about themselves, escape the forces of evil, and uncover the ancient mysteries behind their magical world. The sumptuously detailed pen-and-ink drawings of former Disney animator Christian Slade make every page a joy to behold, using the power of “silent comics” to bring every moment wordlessly to life for readers of all ages. What’s more, this deluxe softcover collection includes not only all five Korgi graphic novels but also every bonus short story previously exclusive to comic books. The result is a complete fantasy epic that is truly timeless.


Wordless but holding amazing illustrations, this is a collection from a well-loved series, which opens up to a world of monsters, adventure, and cute corgis.

This collection includes all five of the Korgi graphic novels as well as several short adventures. Each of the five books begins with a short and entertaining introduction, which does happen through text...but those are the only words during the adventure. Each moment is brought across through very detailed and extremely well-crafted, black and white line drawings. These are more demanding on the eyes than the illustrations usually found in graphic novels, in so far that they take more time to take in and digest. And it's well worth the extra time, especially since these do carry the entire tale in every way.

This is sold for children but will also satisfy older readers and some adults. The story isn't fluffy and happy, but rather, packs fantasy and adventure. The monsters take a creepy lean, which fits right with the illustration style to make each one come across with that dark atmosphere of off-ness. There is a hint of gore without really going there completely (an eyeball pops out and flies away), and while this might bother more sensitive readers, others will find the edged fantasy just right. The main characters  fight off the danger and land in some pretty sticky situations, which bring exciting action scenes. It is a positive read with promises of hope and even will bring smiles and cuteness at the right moments. 

There is a list of characters with descriptions at the end, which I do wish had been shoved to the front of the novel, instead, but that's only a side thought. It's an exciting adventure with an unexpected lean toward darkish fantasy (think The Labyrinth), which is sure to grab more than just corgi fans.

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