Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Happy Book Birthday, Kids in the Kitchen by Rossini Perez!

We're going to celebrate another book birthday today! This one hits a direction my kids have always loved— cookbooks! Whenever we go to the library, I'm not surprised when they pick up a book about baking or cooking or food in general. Not always but probably 25% of the time. How often do they actually cook one of the recipes? Hmm...I'll just say 25% to that, too, because it's amazing how often the cookbooks hold recipes which require hard-to-get products (the selection at the grocery store is pretty traditional and limited in a small town) or have 'healthy' food, which I'm sure some people love but even after living in several countries, we tend to steer clear of it due to the not-so-us flavors. 

Anyway, let's just dive in and see how this book is.

70+ Fun Recipes for Young Chefs to Stir Up!
by Rossini Perez
Rock Point
Middle Grade Cookbook
192 pages
ages 8 to 12

Get kids in the kitchen with Kids in the Kitchen , for a crafty and enjoyable activity for all ages.

Do you have kids who always want to help out in the kitchen? Want to find a new way to keep them busy in a way that benefits everyone? Tired of having meals refused by picky eaters? Kids in the Kitchen  to the rescue!

The recipes will teach your mini chefs the basic skills needed to thrive in the kitchen. With minimal ingredients (both good for the stomach and eyes), easy instructions, and requiring only standard equipment, find recipes that get them involved and satisfy their palates.

The scrumptious recipes
Come together in the kitchen with this kid-friendly cookbook. Teach children the world of the kitchen, give them confidence when cooking, all while letting them play.



Kitchen tips, cooking hints, and much more food goodness accompany a variety of recipes for snacks, meals, and more.

Over 70 recipes fill these pages, ranging from ideas for the daily meals to snacks and more. Each one is presented with a colored photo of the completed dish, has a list of ingredients, and holds easy to follow steps for baking, cooking, or mixing. But there's more. At the beginning of the book, more than a few pages carry information about cooking, and at the back of the book, more information surrounding a healthy diet can be found. To add even more knowledge goodness, information about various foods are sprinkled in between the recipes, offering insights into the history, purpose or other tidbits surrounding certain food items. It's a book packed with more than recipes to give a rounded introduction to food, cooking and the kitchen.

There are quite a bit of facts in this book outside of the recipes. When I opened up the first page, I was surprised to find that the first 20 pages give insights into safety, pantry ideas, measuring points, term definitions, technique explanations, and more. It offers more than most cookbooks for kids that I've run across and goes into explanations, which are important but often overlooked. While not all readers will carefully go through this section, it does offer a nice resource to flip back to when questions arise. The information found in the last five pages heads into a health direction and offers suggestions to parents as well. So, it's well-rounded on that end. The wealth on text and knowledge slides this one into a solid middle grade read...although younger ones can find recipes to work with in the pages with assistance as well.

The recipes cover a large span of directions, making sure there are fun things that will catch younger cooks' eyes as well as healthy treats. The directions are easy to follow and hit a variety of cooking levels. From simply mixing a non-bake snack to brownies or steak strips, these pages offer something for most young cooks. The ingredients are, for the most part, not hard to find, and the few recipes, which do call for more special ones (depending on the household), offer a chance to cook something different. While there are recipes, which call for box cakes and the such, these are kept to a minimum, allowing kids to cook from scratch. 

It's a well thought out cookbook for more than just cooking fans.

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Natalie Aguirre said...

My daughter had a kids' cookbook when she was a kid, and we had fun making recipes from it. Not that it instilled any love of cooking in her as an adult. This sounds like a fun cookbook I'd buy if I had grandkids. Hopefully one day . . .