Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Today's read... The Story of Pasta and How to Cook It! by Steven Guarnaccia

Any pasta lovers out there? I know that's a dumb question. Anyway, today's read is all about pasta. History, interesting tidbits, recipes and more make this read into a true pasta celebration. I'm not exactly sure how it all fits together, but I'm excited to dive in and get my water boiling to make some noodles myself.

by Steven Guarnaccia
with recipes from Heather Thomas
Phaidon Press
Middle Grade Nonfiction / Cooking
160 pages
ages 6 to 10

OCTOBER 3rd!!!

A playful, fact-filled exploration of the fascinating history of 35 famous pasta shapes with a delicious, child-friendly recipe perfectly suited to each shape In this ultimate book of pasta for children ages 7-11, 35 pasta shapes are brought to life through clever illustrations and fascinating facts to feed children's imaginations - and their bellies!



These pages celebrate pasta, teach a little history and food facts, and help readers to discover the variety themselves.

It starts off with a short exploration into what pasta is, the history, interesting facts and more. Then, it dives into 35 famous forms of pasta (shapes) and explains all sorts of things about each of them. Each pasta form is accompanied by a recipe, and there are lovely illustrations the entire way through, which add a touch of humor and fun. 

Not only pasta fans are going to enjoy this, but rather, the facts and information bring some interesting and unexpected insights. The text is heavier in this read, so readers will have to have a very good grip on words before tackling it on their own. I see grades four and up as ideal, but younger audiences will also enjoy all the goodness with a little assistance. 

The recipes hold a wealth on sauces and preparation possibilities. There's something for everyone. These aren't for beginner cooks to attempt on their own but do require some guidance. It is important to note that some of the recipes call for wine in the sauce. While this is an obvious and necessary ingredient in true pasta fans' eyes (and cooking it means no alcohol), parents need to be aware of this before they attempt some of these recipes with their children. The ingredients offer a wide variety and show how vast the possibilities are. It's a fun look into the world of pasta with lots of tasty benefits.