Monday, September 4, 2023

Today's read... On the Night Before Kindergarten by Rosemary Wells

I've been a bit quiet this weekend thanks to a few family celebrations (birthdays!) but have been looking forward to today's read. The first day of school is always something to be a bit nervous about, and that's what this book tackles. I find the kitty on the front cute and am looking forward to seeing how this tale goes.

by Rosemary Wells
Simon & Schuster
Picture Book
32 pages
ages 4 to 8

Beloved author-illustrator Rosemary Wells tells the story of a young cat who goes to bed worrying about what might happen on the first day of school—only to be pleasantly surprised in this engaging and reassuring picture book!

On the night before kindergarten, Milo’s dreams are not happy ones and make him worry about all the ways things at school could go wrong. On the morning of the big day, he’s nervous and wants Mama and Daddy to come with him, but they aren’t allowed. How can Milo face kindergarten alone? But over the course of the day, Milo makes new friends and learns new things. Kindergarten turns out to be pretty great!



First day of school anxiety hits in a fun way, giving school starts the inspiration to be a little less nervous.

Milo is unsure about attending his first day of school and has three dreams, which have situations going very wrong. His parents assure him that everything will be fine, and the day does run much better than he ever thought...but now, his parents are worried.

This is a cute read, which takes a look at first-day-of-school nerves. Milo is an adorable kitty, which gathers empathy from the very first page. The three dreams reflect pretty usual worries. There's a little tension as the day truly begins, and the classroom setting radiates enjoyment. Even Milo turns out to be a kitty with a good heart. The parents add a touch of humor, while also demonstrating lovely family love. It's a nice read and works great as a read-aloud.

The illustrations are gentle and offer familiar elements to make readers identify with each scene. I do wonder if many first-schoolers are very familiar with crossword puzzles, but that's not a large theme anyway. It's a nice read for those who are about to embark on their school journey and might still be a little nervous about what will happen.

And here she is...

Rosemary Wells is the author of more than one hundred and twenty books for children in her forty-five-year career, including more than forty about the beloved bunnies, Max and Ruby, who star in their own television show on Nick Jr. She lives in New England. Visit her online at

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