Saturday, September 16, 2023

Today's read... Little Puffs of Clouds by R.A. Douthitt

Happy Saturday! I don't know about you, but our weather is finally cooling down a tad bit, which means that being outdoors is more enjoyable, too. While I still try to avoid any grass and weeded areas (chiggers!), outside is the place to be. That's one reason this book made me smile. Cloud gazing is something which not only gets a person out under the sky but calls to creativity. So, I was more than happy to take a peek at this book and see if it holds as much goodness as I suspect it might.

by R.A. Douthitt
Illustrated by Scott O. Douthitt & R.A. Douthitt
Picture Book
76 pages
ages 4 to 8

What do you see when you stare at the puffy white clouds in the sky?

In their secret haven, a grassy meadow nestled amongst whispering trees, Jane and her brother Joey lie on the grass, heads tilted back, gazing up at the ever-changing tapestry of clouds. Each fluffy formation becomes a creation of their Dragons, castles, or unicorns. As they venture deeper into their whimsical creations, the children transcend the ordinary. They embark on grand adventures without ever leaving the sanctuary of their beloved meadow.

But when their little brother Jimmy interrupts their adventures, they push him aside. So, Jimmy sits alone on a hill as the clouds pass him by. Will Jane and Joey realize that gazing at clouds is more fun together than alone?

In this heartfelt tale of friendship and wonder, with its colorful illustrations, Jane and her brothers embark on their celestial odyssey of their vivid imaginations, one puffy cloud at a time.



The art of cloud-gazing swirls with imagination in this fun adventure.

Jane and Joey enjoy their time outside by lying on the grass and gazing at the clouds. The forms and shapes soon have them dream of more than just a little adventure...until their little brother ruins the fun. They shove him off to the side, but that won't be the end of it.

I'll admit that the 76 pages made me wonder, considering this is a book aimed for at the preschool/kindergarten/lower grade audience, but it works wonderfully for a story time. The tale runs smoothly and hits the age group nicely. There's just enough text to tell the story without bogging down, and the illustrations do the rest as they allow the fantasy to take flight. There's enough humor to bring smiles, and the messages cause a little food for thought. It's something readers can sympathize and identify with...and be inspired by.

While the story is grabbing and the message wholesome, it also opens the doors to allow young readers to take the time to try cloud-gazing themselves. The adventure in this tale stretches the imagination and creates the opportunity for readers to cloud-gaze themselves. That makes this one great not only for reading at home, but also for groups and classrooms, since it can be tagged on to an obvious activity. 

And here she is...

Former writing teacher Ruth A. Douthitt is an award-winning multi-published author who puts her heart and soul into her work, hoping to encourage others through her stories. Winner of the 2022 Christian Indie Award-First Place in YA, and the 2017 Moonbeam Children’s Books Award-Bronze Medal for Best Book Series, Ruth is  a member of the American Christian Fiction Writers and hosts A Writer’s Day podcast.

Ruth lives in Arizona with her husband and their little dog. When she isn’t writing, Ruth loves to run, draw, paint, and garden. For more information about Ruth and her books, visit her website: and find her on Facebook and Instagram

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