Friday, September 22, 2023

Today's read... Pit and Pat by Miss Wendy

Sometimes the simplest things mean the most, and I'm hoping that's true of today's read. This is a small book meant for the beginning reader. It is a combination of first words, rhyme, and plenty of pages for kids to color in. I'm curious what this interesting pair of characters will hold. So let's dive in and find out!

by Miss Wendy
Children's Fiction / Early Reader
Activity Book
32 pages
ages 3 to 6

What do you get when you cross an easy reader with a coloring book? An "easy-reader coloring book"! Children can practice their own self-expression and creativity while learning to read, all the while enjoying a fun story. Join friends, Pit and Pat, as they roll around together discovering all kinds of opposites, and best of all, having tons of fun.
Check out the whole story in the video posted below!



With a mix of rhyme and pages to color, this is a read to help first readers dig into learning words.

This is a simple, small book, which might seem super basic but still packs punch. It surrounds the characters Pit and Pat, who fit snuggly together...but still, hold separate surprises. The text is as simple as the characters, sticking to easy-to-read words in short sentences. They rhyme and flow with tons of repetition in a sing-songy way. Even if readers struggle to recognize these first words, the rhythm draws in and will have them easily repeating the phrases, which helps them to soon understand what each word is. It's cute, contagious, and leaves a positive atmosphere, which will have readers smiling and wanting to repeat the entire tale again. And that's not where this one ends.

The entire thing is black and white, leaving each page open for readers to color and add their own decorations. The mix of hands-on with the fun phrases strengthen the learning process in an entertaining manner and give the book a personal touch. It's a great tiny read and offers so much.

And here she is...

Miss Wendy has loved writing stories ever since she could write, and she’s loved working with children ever since she could work. Her favorite things include summertime, rainbows, family, friends, and art. She currently lives in Colorado.

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